The Global Warming Phenomenon in An Inconvenient Truth Movie

The Global Warming Phenomenon in An Inconvenient Truth Movie

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The film An Inconvenient Truth, directed by David Guggenheim and featuring former US Vice-President Al Gore, presents a disturbing view of the future of our planet. The film assures that errors of perception around climate change. In this case, it proves an effective channel to make a convincing case that climate change is a real and upcoming danger. Al Gore explains what geothermal is generated by solar radiation. Ozone traps part of the geothermal real purpose to prevent extreme cold temperatures on earth. But due to global warming, the ozone thicken and trap excessive heat on earth. By highlighting this kind of film, for example, illustrates the potential for greenhouse gas emissions to push us beyond certain ecological thresholds – a critical point beyond the rapid, unpredictable changes can occur. Gore also succeeds on the grounds that immediate response is a moral imperative, and that each of us needs to quickly become part of the solution.

He found the current US government's reluctance to take political action to be "highly unethical." Above all, the film faces the human cost of climate change. Some of the most shocking recordings involve hypothetical upsurge at sea level, and coastal lowland communities (from Florida to Bangladesh to the Maldives to the Netherlands) which, inter alia, will always be affected. Gore cites a potential 6 m rise if the main polar ice cap is collapsed. Gore urged his listeners to use more bicycles, cut down on cars, switch off lights. Because of the potential impact of climate change that is surprising, in the face of uncertainty, we must err on the side of caution and seek to reduce emissions – we must adopt a precautionary approach. also explained that the land holds the heat of the earth, but the oceans do not.

So that at any given moment the sea air and the mainland air meet, there will be a disaster like Huricaneyang which is very destructive if it happens on land. What we need now is someone with moral integrity and the power of vision to craft a sequel is equally interesting to lead us explicitly against both convenient and convenient solutions. can be drawn the conclusion that, global warming can lead to things that are very extreme for the earth and terrible impact on humans themselves. Then, nowadays, not many people are aware of the effects of this problem so many people assume that this problem is only a theory / fiction. For that, the way to overcome it only needs awareness of all countries to work hand in hand in this issue and to include all human beings without exception, because without earth we are finished.

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