The Haunted Story

The Haunted Story

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Hello all how are you? Today is 14th day # 15Enterprise today. That means, tomorrow is the last day. For 14 days, it seems that today is the most malem writing because the body again less comfortable. But yes still have to write for the sake of conveying ideas and information about renewable energy and energy conservation. Today I want to tell about vampires, know vampire right? Who likes sucking blood? Have you ever seen the vampr directly? Or just look at the movies aja? It turns out that the vampire is true loh. All this time around us, but we are less aware of its existence. But this time I'm going to tell you about a new kind of vampire, which is not sucking blood … but sucking electricity!

Yes, electric vampires. What is an electric vampire? Anyone ever heard of?

An electric vampire is an electronic device that still sucks electrical energy from any device that remains attached to the electrical grid at home or in the office when the device is in a stand-by position or even when it is switched off. What electronic equipment is often in stand-by position? yes, TV! After watching TV we often just turn it off without unplugging the cord. This stand-by condition not only happens on TV, but also on other electronic equipment such as air conditioner, refrigerator, microwave, HP charger or computer. Almost all the electronic equipment we have turned out to be a vampire. In stand-by conditions, even when not in use, electronic equipment, albeit in low numbers, still consumes electricity. In fact, some of them have a high level of electrical energy consumption when in stand-by mode or when turned off.

As a vampire, how much energy do they absorb?

50 watts / hour laptop, 25 watt / hour computer, 4 watts / hour internet modem, 6 watt / hour fax machine and printer, 20 watt / hour photocopier, 1 watt / hour mobile phone charger, 10 watts / hour DVD player and LCD TV 20 watts / hour. Although it looks small, we will try to analyze how many dollars we should waste for this vampire's food.

For example, the TV, when powered consumes 200 watts / hour, then the stand-by consumption is about 20 watts / hour (electricity consumption stand-by average 1/10 of consumption when the flame). In one day, if the TV is only on for 4 hours, the 20-hour stand-by. For one month, the vampire managed to suck 12 kWh, or Rp. 16224.

Here's the mathematical count:

20 watts / hr = 0.02 kWh (kilo watt per hour). If in a day TV stand-by for 20 hours, then 0.02 kWh x 20 = 0.4 kWh. If in a month, 0.4 kWh x 30 = 12 kWh. 12 kWh times the current electricity base rate (non subsidized) means 12 kWh x Rp. 1.352 = Rp. 16224

Then the computer. Quite surprising, although already in the shut-down, as long as the power cable is still connected, in fact the computer still consume electricity. Computer-connected devices, such as monitors, printers, USBs, scanners, modems, and more also continue to consume electrical energy even when they are not in use. If the computer is stand-by for 16 hours, then within a month the vampire will suck 12 kWh, just like the TV. So for the computer, we will throw the rupiah as much as RP. 16224 again.

No different from the air conditioner that we are not aware of is always in a state of stand-by. It is precisely this air conditioner even more vampires again because unlike TV that looks red light stand-bynya, there is no sign of stand-by position on AC. For air conditioning at least 50 watts consumed constantly in a stand-by state. That means, the energy vampire managed to suck 30 kWh or Rp. 40,560 per month.

It was new TV, computer and AC. What about other electronic equipment? Surely there are still many other electronic equipment that also sucks electricity silently. The existence of this electric vampire is less realized by us, as a society. In fact, letting our electric vampires suck our electricity is an electric waste. Maybe some people think that it's okay to let an electric vampire because we can still pay the bills. But, what about the people who are still subsidized by the government? Will it still not care? The population of Indonesia in 2016 is about 250 million people. Imagine if a whole lot of electric vampires haunt their electricity. If estimated there are 4 million TV in Indonesia, then vampire can suck 200 Million rupiah every month. A fantastic amount to give to vampires. We must try to fight this electric vampire so as not to haunt our lives anymore. how do?First, we must begin to change our bad habits. Unplug the electronic cables when not in use. Then we also have to start switching to energy-efficient electronic devices. Changing lifestyles to be energy efficient is the key. By saving energy, we have also helped the government in energy conservation programs. Moreover, saving energy will also help reduce greenhouse gas emissions that could be bad for the earth.

A suggestion from me .. if we let the vampires of energy continue to suck our electricity, then in a month about the electric vampire will eat our money of 75 thousand rupiah. If multiplied by 12 months then in one year will eat our money equal to 900 thousand rupiah. Instead of being wasted just for vampires, we'd better use it for more useful things. Kill an electric vampire and save it for 3 years, we can buy a goat to be sacrificed during Eid al-Adha.

So many haunted stories today, let's kill vampires and save energy.

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