The ice in Alaska continues to melt, the earth is in danger

The ice in Alaska continues to melt, the earth is in danger

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A recent analysis revealed that in the last 20 years the amount of ice in Alaska has declined steadily. This data is obtained from a radar satellite circling some of the Earth's regions to monitor the situation.

Most likely, it is caused by global warming or global warming. Worse yet, scientists say conditions will continue into the coming years.

According to Softpedia landing (3/2), the results of the investigation also revealed that the decline of this ice lake is a direct result of climate change and other minor shifts related to habitats and ecosystems around the world.

If this continues to happen, it is not impossible that the earth will feel the consequences. The earth's temperature has increased dramatically. Automatically, the air will feel hot and hot from year to year. Not only that, the effects of melting ice in Alaska will increase the volume of water and cause coastal erosion.

In the state of the United States has seen a rapid melting of permafrost (land that is at freezing at 0 degrees) for two consecutive years. This of course will damage the ecology.

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, temperatures in Alaska in the last 50 years have risen 6.3 degrees above normal.

Some areas around the world already feel the extreme temperatures that are not fair. Many people agree that it is caused by the effects of global warming that increasingly shows the 'game'. One proof is already visible in Alaska. In fact, in Adelaide, Australia has become the hottest city in the world.

Quoted from the Daily Mail (17/01), it was reported that the current temperature reached 46.4 degrees Celsius in the area. In fact, because of the heat, more than 100 hotspots in Australian grasslands and forests are emerging.

The hot weather is added again in the absence of rain that drops a drop in the area. About 90 people had to be hospitalized for not being able to withstand the heat and 1 person was declared dead because of it.

Global warming will really haunt the inhabitants of the earth. Will this continue?

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