The iceberg twice the size of Manhattan

The iceberg twice the size of Manhattan

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On Wednesday (18/07) yesterday, via NASA satellite there were reports that an iceberg measuring about twice the size of Manhattan, United States or about 46 square miles is split in two. This giant iceberg is located in Petermann northwest of Greenland.

As is known, four to five per cent of Greenland's surfaces are ice-covered surfaces and Petermann is a place completely covered by snow and ice. For several years, researchers watched the area as cracks emerged around Petermann and the cracks.

According to, two years ago similar incidents have also occurred and resulted in the mapping of the Greenland region due to the vastness of the separate section. The researchers estimate that the main cause of the iceberg apart with Greenland is due to global warming or global warming.

Although it concludes that global warming is the cause of the breakup of one of the surfaces in Greenland, researchers have yet to dare to make an official statement because they will continue to investigate the underlying cause of this lack of supporting evidence. To date, many glaciers in southern Greenland are melting rapidly with no known exact cause.

According to a researcher from the National Snow and Ice Data Center in Boulder, Colorado called Ted Scambos, "With the melting of many ice surfaces in Greenland to date it adds and raises sea levels, but with the surface rupture in Petermann increase the volume and level of sea level because the size is too big. "

The researchers note that the process of warming temperatures in Greenland and Canada is currently five times faster than the world average temperature. Over the past 30 years, the area has risen by about 4 degrees Fahrenheit and up to now many of the ice surfaces around Greenland and Canada are reportedly beginning to melt.

By melting most of the ice around these polar regions of the earth melt it can be ascertained that in the next few decades, much of the land will be eroded by melting ice in Greenland or Canada or also in the North and South Poles, the sea level becomes up.

When sea levels rise, many coastal areas are also submerged and gradually trimmed by excessive sea water quota. So, do not just dare to say, but prove it by action. Stop global warming. [das]

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