The imam of New York mosque calls Donald Trump’s statement lowering America

The imam of New York mosque calls Donald Trump's statement lowering America

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Imam of Islamic Center of New York and Director of Jamaica Muslim Center, Muhammad Syamsi Ali said that the candidate of President of the United States Donald Trump of the statement prohibits Muslims from entering Uncle Sam's country violating human rights and discriminating against the followers of Islam. Trump's statement undermines the constitution in the United States.

"Donald Trump undermines the American Constitution which confesses and embraces all rights groups and equality," he said in a dialogue on 'Earth Religion Peace and Faith Message in the World' at Grand Cempaka Hotel, Jakarta, Saturday (12/12) night.

He also said that Americans should be offended by Donald Trump's remarks. "Maybe Donald Trump thought he felt he would be supported if he banned Islam in America, Americans should be offended by Donald's statement," he explained.

Later, he also said that today in some parts of the United States has rejected Trump. "Some areas now in America reject Donald Trump to visit the region," he said.

As is known, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump states during an indefinite period, diverse Muslims must be banned from entering the country. The anti-Islam hate speech was the response of the tajir businessman to the mass shootings in San Bernardino, California, last week that killed 14 people. The terrorist-patterned offensive is the culprit of a married Muslim immigrant couple.

Trump insists that if elected in next year's election he seriously stops Muslims from entering Uncle Sam's country. The ban, he said, should be done from the door of land, sea, or air immigration.

"The ban is valid until we can decide and understand the issues of Islamic ideology and its dangerous threats, and this country can not be a victim of the attacks of believers on the concept of Jihad and has no reason to respect our fellow human beings," Trump said in a statement to the media crew yesterday, as quoted from the BBC page, Tuesday (7/12). [gil]

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