The Impact of Century Bank Cases For Our Education World

The Impact of Century Bank Cases For Our Education World

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Reject Closing Century Case
It was rumored that the honorable House would close the century bank case. There is no corroborating evidence that the case will soon be closed. We are furious and say that members of the House is a big salary but it works zero besar.Lebih furious again to see the work of law officers who do not have teeth.

On facebook many people are busy to reject the closing of this century bank case. For us who are in education, of course grieve. Because the door of honesty seems very impossible open in this magical land. Then what is the impact for our education?

If the case of the century bank is not tersuangkap, it means there is a dilapidated generation that will continue to be remembered by our children and grandchildren. If it continues, it is not impossible that the next generation will appear more corrupt than the previous generation. For the law no longer stands for the righteous. Law only sides with the ruler. If so, do not touting character education in our schools when its application, far from the fire.

Honesty seems to be tested in this country. There are still many dishonest people moving freely and in power. It's hard to find someone who will admit his mistake, because the world's greed has made him have a rusted heart. Very difficult to clean. Even if it can, the rust is still left, and will be a very difficult trace lost during his life in the world.

Our educational world is certainly crying. For the virtues that are taught in school are now extinct in the hands of the ruler. This country has become a land of nest. There is only the law of the jungle. Who is strong is the one who decides. The weakness of life lies in weakness and paralysis. Can not walk anymore because both legs have been paralyzed.

The impact of the century case for our education will be felt. Schoolchildren will see that parents who are supposed to be role models, are incapable of doing anything. The next generation of nations will say that honesty is just a slogan in this wonderland. Character education is just a pseudo-imaging campaign for this nation to be called a nation of character.

Finally, We can only pray, may Allah's grace on the earth of Indonesia always protect us all who always do honest. From the lies of the rulers who like the wind. Feels on the skin but can not be seen. We also hope there is a leader who is more trustworthy in leading the country of a thousand promises. Together we can, he says.

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