The Impact of Jokowi Photo Antre Foods against Child Behavior

The Impact of

Image source:, Jakarta Photo President Jokowi is lining up to take the food was so warm conversation. The President was not in line with other officials, but with the children. People who saw the photo did not think that the number one person in this country can model good behavior to the child.

Photos uploaded by our Kata kata account on Facebook five days ago are old pictures. It was a journalist shot from one of Indonesia's online media for a story published on Thursday, June 18, 2015.

"Giving an example to queue starting from by putting it into practice in front of children is the most valuable lesson of mathematics or any other science.This is the Mental Revolution," read the photograph in the account.

To this day, Tuesday, May 30, 2017, the picture has been distributed over 4 thousand accounts, with comments reaching 213. Some support, but not a few who think the photo is an image, which immediately denied by other citizens.

"Imagery is stupid, at least, this image is consistent from the first.I love this man since he leads Solo.He keeps healthy, Mr. Just take care of the country with a mandate.Haters let us face," writes Tri Machmood account.

Furore also occurred in the realm of Twitter after Andre Opa account uploaded the photo on Monday, May 29, 2017. According to Andre, no need to foam for teaching children to line up, simply by giving an example.

"Talking to the children does not need to talk much, just do it," he chirped. The photo was favored over 600 accounts and retweeted more than a thousand times.

Teaches to the kids do not need much talk, just do
#MyPancasila (@andreOPA) May 29, 2017
So what does a child psychologist say? How big is Jokowi's photo effect to influence a child to do the same thing?

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