The Last Debate Forgetting Animals Indonesia!

The Last Debate Forgetting Animals Indonesia!

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The presidential and vice presidential debates had reached its peak last night (5/7/2014). Both candidates appear to be at war with each other, though it seems unclear. The candidate's candidate is committed to food, energy and the environment. Mr. Jokowi-JK seems to be positioning himself as a finger, while the Prabowo-Hatta camp further reinforces the existing theories. Nevertheless, the arguments of both camps are seriously running scientifically because they speak based on data from a particular source, to an unspecified source.

The theme of food, energy and environment is one of the focus of both camps. For food, both seem seriously discuss deeply about it. Jokowi-JK more on the implementation of all existing policies, food productivity must be realized, one of them with the policy in the field of rice import and manufacture of BUMD (whether that is meant cooperative or other), making spatial map of Indonesia for the purpose of development of wetland, and on the import of carcass. While Prabowo-Hatta camp with 4K concept of food, anti-import policy of carcass, and rural cooperative (although it has always existed), but their initiative is to increase the number of livestock and cooperatives that exist.

About energy, the Jokowi-JK strongholds its energy conversion program for transport facilities to reduce emissions, awaken the Kyoto protocol-breaking nations (which have been too stale to discuss the cause), and look for new places to find the source of the mine. In the Prabowo-Hatta stronghold, it seems that they are more focussed on the program of renegotiation and thorough discussion of the fossil resource reserves (here it seems unlikely that direction is clear), it is difficult for the public to understand Hatta's terms, while Prabowo only strives in his field spinning does not cover each other's flaws.

About the environment, well, the two camps are very greget talking about environmental issues, but there is one thing related to the environment and this is not a single word from both camps, which is about handling the fate of endangered species and rare animals of Indonesia, to eradicate mavia wildlife killings and the case of the Surabaya Zoo (KBS), here the moderator is less critical and widespread on the concept of environment, limited to the environment just not how to respond to the fate of biota living in it, in this case rare animals and flora.

Perhaps the animals last night while breaking the extra fast talked with his friend, something like this "" The four of them talked about anything anyway? really, not talking about our fate, my friends. They do not talk about the hunting of wild animals, and we have animal rights (HAH), not only Human Rights and Human Rights (HAT) alone, they focus on human and economic issues, whereas we ? our friends who were killed on KBS … .., economic growth instead used as a tool to build the welfare of the people, but he is a macro indicator, growing economic growth may be that grows are foreign capital companies, not capital from the domestic company, what to do with the people ? it should be if the welfare of the indicator per capita income when, ah I do not know, ironically, it's time we dumped by them, my friends … ""

That's the response of the animals who watched the vice presidential debate last night (5/7/2014).

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