The Little Things That Deliver The Ultimate Entrepreneurs to Great Success

The Little Things That Deliver The Ultimate Entrepreneurs to Great Success

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Everyone would want a good life and a bright future. To achieve success, it takes hard work and great intentions to achieve what you want. Successful entrepreneurs have reached their point of success in a way that is not easy. They apply some principles in achieving their dreams.

Hipwee gathers tips from successful businesspeople in, who knows you can get rich and successful as they are.

1. Only have 2 pairs of shoes in the space of 10 years Michael Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg is a former mayor of New York and a reliable businessman who founded Bloomberg L.P company, which is engaged in finance and technology. Currently, the total wealth that he has is 34.3 billion rupiah. Beyond his abundant wealth, Michael Bloomberg keeps one secret: he has only 2 pairs of shoes in 10 years. For him, having lots of shoes was wasteful because not necessarily he would use them all. He was comfortable with the shoes he had and had accompanied him everywhere.

For those of you who still like to buy shoes that eventually rarely used, maybe you can think twice before buying shoes again. Are the footwear you really wear, or are you just following the lust?

2. Learn from Bill Gates's past mistakes

Making mistakes in managing money is commonplace. Everyone must have experienced it. So it is with Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft. For him, celebrating the success is not wrong, but not to the extent that is bad for the future. More important is to focus your attention on the mistakes you made in the past so that later you will not do the same again.

3. Fly in economy class Ingvar Kamprad

The founder of this IKEA company has a capital of 53 billion rupiah. The principle of life is to avoid spending money on things that are excessive or unimportant. One way he saves money is to fly using commercial aircraft in economy class. For him, flying on a private jet was unimportant and spent a lot of money.

4. Purchase a simple home Warren Buffet

Having a fortune of 66 Billion does not make Warren Buffet wasteful. For him, a simple home and meeting all his needs is a way of saving money that he can apply. Until now, he lived in a modest house he had bought since 1958. For him, having a big and majestic house did not guarantee his happiness. The important thing is that your home can meet all your needs.5. Find out what you really like, and live your passion Oprah Winfrey

Oprah goes through her career now from scratch. He does not care about the fees he receives. The most important thing for him is to live a job he likes and because he focuses on his career, he makes millions of dollars and raises his name as one of the most influential women in the entertainment world.

6. Create an impossible list of Richard Banson's wishes

This successful British businessman started his business by making a list of what he wanted. In fact, he wrote an impossible desire. In fact, now he gets what he wants. Dyslexia does not diminish its enthusiasm. By working hard and mobilizing all the abilities that he has, Richard Banson now leads a well-known commercial airline in several major countries in the world.

7. Start saving your money since young Carlos Slim Hel

Saving from childhood is a message from this Mexican businessman. For Carlos Slim Hel, by saving money from a young age, you will have savings for the future. The sooner you learn to save money and manage your money carefully, then you can get a better life.

8. Use public transportation John Caldwell

Having a business in telecommunications does not make John Caldwell complacent. His prosperous life makes him even more simple. Nice and expensive car he has, but the fact is he prefers walking, public transport, or cycling. Walking or cycling is her favorite. In addition to cheap and simple, it can make his body more fit and healthy.

9. Cut your own hair, do not go to David Cheriton's salon

Got a lot of money does not make David Cheriton lulled by the service of all-wah. He prefers to do whatever he can without the help of others. One of them by cutting his own hair rather than having to go to the salon.

Imagine if you have to spend your money on things you can actually do yourself. Better that money is used for more useful things for your future.10. Driving middle-class Mark Zuckerberg

Who does not know Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg? With his money, he can buy whatever he wants. But in fact, he chose to buy a simple car. The important thing can contain all his needs.

11. Do not use T. Boone Pickens credit card

Simple tips from this oil entrepreneur is to bring enough cash and make a shopping list when you go shopping. By creating a shopping list that suits your needs, you will not be tempted by things that you should not have to buy. Bring enough cash in your wallet so you can not waste it.

When the contents of the wallet is thinning, you will think twice about buying other unnecessary items. Yes no?

12. Limit personal spending budget to just $ 25,000 / year John Donald MacArthur

John Donald MacArthur was a successful entrepreneur in the 1960s. During his life he was surrounded by Hollywood glamor, but he was not affected by all the hubbub of the glamorous world of America. Behind it, he lives frugally and always makes his own planning or budget for his needs. He never had luxury items, never had his own agent and always made an annual budget of $ 25,000 (which is an American middle class payroll).

13. Never exploit others Robert Kuok

Robert Kuok learned about the life of his late mother. Her mother always taught her not to be greedy, never take advantage of others and always have high morale when having to deal with money. Not only that, for Kuok to live a success it also means to have the courage to do something and always take a chance while the opportunity is in front of you. Even if others underestimate your ability, keep doing what you want.

14. Man is more important than Howard Schultz's money

The founder of Starbucks always has the principle that money is not everything. The most important is the value that is owned in the man himself. He never imagined would have abundant wealth. For him, the main thing is to do good for others while still living in the world. That way, others will see what our quality of life is like.15. With courage to open a business alone, you are more advanced than others Bob Sadino

Eccentric appearance of entrepreneurs from Indonesia this makes his name increasingly known throughout Indonesia. However, behind his appearance was Bob Sadino undergoing his business with the principle, Do not be afraid to fail !. By boldly opening a business opportunity, that means you are one step ahead of the others. Do not forget to always be humble even if you have success later. That's the key to the success of Bob Sadino.

16. Better focus on one business area first, than have many small companies at once Dahlan Iskan

Before becoming Minister of SOEs, Dahlan Iskan is a businessman in the field of newspaper and owner of Jawa Pos. In the process of building his business, Dahlan Iskan always focus bada one field, namely journalism. With a focus on one area, there will be many opportunities that come into the business. Slowly you will be able to develop it into another business. So, for you who intend to open a business, just focus in one area and tekuni.

17. Do not mess with your hobbies Andrew Dervish

Founder of Indonesia's largest online community, Andrew Darwis, started his business from his hobby in the online community world. Armed with computer science that he has, he dared to create an online community in Indonesia and now reap huge profits from his business. The key is in his hobby. Now his hobby is his life.

You can follow in the footsteps of Andrew Darwis. If you have a certain hobby, tekuni hobimu it. Who knows you can bear fruit success.

18. Develop your creative imagination of Wahyu Aditya

Your creative imagination can be money, you know. Just look at Wahyu Aditya who like to pour all his ideas and imagination into the form of pictures. Today, he is one of the most successful young entrepreneurs in the Indonesian creative industry. If you have many ideas, you can pour it into writing or anything. Who knows anyone is interested in your idea and can help you achieve your goals?

The journey to success is not easy. We must learn to control our lifestyles so as not to wasteful. And remember, always develop the capabilities that we have so that the results are also maximal. Hopefully tips from them can spread to you yes! Keep the spirit ya gaes!

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