The Love That I Have Possessed and Continued My Chase

The Love That I Have Possessed and Continued My Chase

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Love comes suddenly, do not know the time and do not know any place. In fact, sometimes you do not know who it is love. When the world feels so beautiful and fun, that's when you feel love present in your life.

When only he wants you to see, when only he wants you, it all leads to love. Maybe he's the love you're waiting for. Everything that happens to you, wants you to share it with him. All the things you dream about, you want to make it happen with him. He is love. When so many good things about someone you love and you are proud in front of others. He is love.

Love is a very great feeling, but love is an uncertain taste. Great because love is a very strong feeling and make man at the peak of his happiness. Uncertain because love can come suddenly, can also go suddenly.

Love? Keep love always, do not ignore love even though you already have it. Let love always be happy in your soul and body. Flush love like you keep the rose to keep growing in your yard. Like a rose, love will die if you ignore it.

Often, a person struggles very hard to get the love he wants to have. He is willing to do anything for his love. However, when he has it, he will loosen his struggle. In fact, some are no longer struggling. In fact, the real struggle has just begun when the love you have gained.

Keep fighting for your love. Do not maximize your struggle when you do not have it. Do not maximize your struggle when you already have it. Struggle that is too maximal will make you get tired and surrender everything. Let the struggle run in harmony with your story because you still have to fight in your next days.

Have you found your love? Are you thinking of someone while reading this article? He is your love. Take care and keep chasing your love as if you do not really have it.

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