The Mandatory Things of Game Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2

The Mandatory Things of Game Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2

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Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 that has been announced at the E3 2015 event attracted the attention of many gamers, especially when announced some new features and characters that appear to make this game more interesting to wait for its presence in 2016. In PVZ Garder Warfare 2 presents several new things like characters, folders, and game modes. Characters in the first sequel are also presented here as well as supporting the split screen feature.

Background Story

The concept used in PVZ Garden Warfare 2 game uses the concept of space and time. Dr. Zomboss, leader of the Zombies back to Suburbia which became the setting of PVZ Garden Warfare. From there he sends Zombies and new technologies of the future to win the war against the plants.

New Plants

Presented in this game some new plants with special abilities also of course, as below:

1. Citron

Citrus plants coming from the future in charge of becoming bounty hunter.

2. Kernel Corn

Veteran plants that had not been presented at PVZ Garden Warfare before. In the story mentioned that he was on duty outside the island.

3. Rose

This is the first time a female character is present in PVZ Garden Warfare. Has a background story where Rose knows Zombie's future victory, so she goes back in time to improve things in the future.New zombie

Not only new plants, but new Zombies are also presented to make the challenge even more difficult in completing the mission.

1. Imp

The smallest and fastest zombie character in this game, even can do double jump. His ability to develop in any direction and also throw a gravity grenade that makes the movement of the plant heavier.

2. Z-Mech

One of the capabilities of the Imp where the special Imp Z-mech has a special ability is to fire a rocket from the hand, making the vibration of the foot that gives enough damage. And a more severe ability can blow itself up but the Imp inside remains alive and can go on the attack.

3. Super brainz

The first zombie with melee attack ability. Attacked by turning his body called Super Turbo Twister. In addition, this Zombie also has a fire throwing skill.

4. Captain DeadBeard

With the ability of long range attacks Sniper, making his attacks quite deadly. In addition Zombie this one can also reduce the attacks that are aimed at him by hiding in the barrel.

Single Player featurePVZ Garden Warfare ** 2 times supports single player mode with the help of ** AI to drive other troops. Split Screen feature is also presented with other enhancements in which each profile can run the mission and get the achievement of each.

Zombie Ops

This feature is similar to Garden Ops, but this time as a Zombie not as a plant. In Zombie Ops this player must beat the attacking plants on each waves. And on certain waves will appear boss that must be defeated, one of which is Giga Torchwood.

So curious about what you can find in Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2? Wait in 2016.

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