The Meaning of Symbols in Cosmetic Packaging You, Obliged To Know

The Meaning of Symbols in Cosmetic Packaging You, Obliged To – The word cosmetics and women seem to have become a package and never separated. Since the first until now, women will always look for the best beauty products that can support the appearance and self-confidence. Usually beauty products that are able to fight premature aging, can make the face look radiant, and make healthy skin become a favorite product that women want. But do you have enough familiar beauty products?

When you look at the packaging of beauty products, maybe you've seen the various symbols listed there. Usually in every beauty product there are various types of symbols to explain the criteria of the product, so you can know some important information about the product just by looking at the existing symbol. Now because so many symbols, sometimes not all women understand the meaning of the symbol. In order for you to be more observant before buying products that are suitable for skin needs, yuk recognize the symbol on the packaging of the following cosmetic products!

Symbol E

E / copyright sociolla / special symbol

If you find the symbol E, then that means the product is in accordance with the rules or regulations issued by the European Union (EU) associated with the volume or content of the product. Usually this symbol is placed after the volume description. If written 100 ml followed by the symbol E it means that the net content of the product is 100 ml outside the weight of the packaging.


Ecocert / copyright sociolla / specials

If you have a cosmetic product with this emblem, you can be sure that 95% of the formula comes from natural ingredients. Under the Ecocert logo, if there is an Organic Cosmetic word, then 95% of the ingredients come from organic plants. Meanwhile, if there is a word Natural Cosmetic, then only 50% content of cosmetic ingredients derived from organic plants.

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Leaping Rabbit

Leaping Rabbit / copyright sociolla.comThis rabbit-shaped logo relies on cosmetic products that are cruelty free, which finds products and ingredients in cosmetics not tested on animals or contain ingredients with animal elements. You will also see this symbol when shopping for beauty products labeled vegan.

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UVA symbol

UVA / copyright symbols

Who is not interested in the product containing SPF? In addition to providing benefits as claimed, products with SPF content is also able to protect the skin from exposure to sunlight. Well if you see the UVA symbol, then the product contains a level of ultraviolet A protection so as to protect the skin from exposure to sunlight that can cause premature aging and the risk of cancer on the skin.

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PAO (After Opening Period)


Small jar with symbols of various numbers in it is the recommended time when the product packaging has been opened. Suppose, if written 6M, then the ideal period of product to be used up is 6 months. Skin care products that exceed the time period is ideally not reused because usually the main content in the product is no longer working optimally, even though the product has not entered the expiration date. If you do not want to waste, you can also change the functioning of the product for various other things.


Hourglass / copyright sociolla.comSimilar to PAO, this symbol indicates the age of use of the product. Products with this symbol indicate that the product can be used for 30 months. This symbol is usually found by beauty products originating in the EU region, whereas products originating from America generally do not require beauty products with a life span of less than 30 months to include this symbol.

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