The movement of Saving Paper and Wipes (Gemasu), Proof of Love For Our Forests

The movement of

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By : Erlin Fitriyanti

You know man, the earth, the place we live have a new habit. Now, the earth's increasingly hot. Still remember in the clods, while still aged a dozen years. While going to school, at the morning is still very cold, teeth start gemerutuk follow the body shivering. The scent of a cool morning to be a complement to the romance of childhood. But that's a story first.

He is also not as green as first. The earth, which became the place we live now began to lose the lungs of the forest. Forest, an area filled with a variety of green trees to balance life on Earth. When the earth lost oxygen, hutanlah contributor best. When the earth is filled by industrial plants which dispose of waste the smoke its in the air, hutanlah that be pengolahnya. When the earth is watered, the rain, hutanlah that underpins the strength of the soil through its roots so as not to flood and landslide. When the earth was awarded the animal and plant diverse way, hutanlah which became their place of residence. And when we need need of clothing and shelter, forests with different kinds of animals and plants provide it with free.

It is ironic, when you see the book data Forestry Statistics of Indonesia ministry of Forestry 2011 that Indonesia has the expanse of a vast forest. With an area of Indonesian forest of 99,6 million ha or 52,3% of the total area of Indonesia, it is very reasonable that the forests Indonesia is said as one of the lungs of the world is a very important role for the overall life of the earth. But the green of the nature in Indonesia is increasingly shrinking due to the utilization of the forest uncontrollably. Human-the human greedy melalapnya out, don't diindahkannya warnings of nature which increasingly often occur such as floods, landslides, the earth is getting hotter, the air gets dirty. The forest seems to metamorphose into the fields of rupiah that is very tempting. Thousands of trees felled illegally into logs ready to sell, the animals sold to its scarcity, land in the forest turned into the business district. The astounding fact also occurs in forest in Jambi, in the past 10 years, forest area in Jambi reached two million hectares more, reduced to one million hectares due to conversion of forest on a large scale. Ironically, over the function of the forest was more due to the concession of large-scale enterprises such as mining and palm oil plantation and rubber.

Who should be responsible for this problem ? The inequality of a certain policy will only be concerned with some classes of course. Imagine, if land-land in the forest only to be used by parties who want only to make profits for private interests and his faction, the rapid development in the absence of control policy on the use of forest products, especially plus the absence of reforestation efforts in the denuded forest. This situation will be alarming for the survival of living creatures on earth. The forest has the benefit of very important as a reservoir of carbon dioxide, conservation of land and water, the habitat of various animals and plants. There will be unimaginable if the forest in Indonesia, especially the forest in a broken world. Obviously it will lead to disaster everywhere. The earth will getting old and the heat, floods and landslides, the greenhouse effect will make earth hotter, the ozone layer smakin damaged due to chemical substances in the earth is increasing sharply, causing skin cancer and damage to plants. Not to mention the destruction of the forest species so it may just be our children and grandchildren will no longer know the flora and fauna that ever existed in Indonesia. This means that we are waiting for the destruction of the earth.

Ideally, the damage by the damage in the forests of Indonesia due to the number of use such as oil palm plantations are large-scale should be immediately discontinued. How many acres of forests and productive land in Indonesia that will be sacrificed to plantations and mines. The expense of inch by inch the ground that there the same just by swapping the fate of thousands of creatures that are still alive. Because of forest destruction has started we feel like is the erratic cycle, the temperature of the air increases, psang low tide the sea is increasingly uncertain that complicate the fishermen and others.

GEMASU, the Movement of Saving paper and Wipes

Already a lot of consequences that arise due to the forest plots of land suffered damage, will be up when we leave this earth crawled towards destruction and havoc. Then through this paper invites should we care about the fate of the earth is because might not have the ability to stop the behavior the perpetrators of the destruction of the forest-forest that has a lot of money to be able to do anything. But we still have a conscience and love for the earth this is one of them by doing the little things to bring a little bit for the sake of a little change.

You know man, that paper and wipes very often we use on campus comes from a tree in the forest. One tree is able to produce 15 rim size of A4 paper. Then the question is, how many billion users of paper on earth?. Every office, school and printing needs of the paper-such paper, then as much of it as trees are felled every day. So million with a tissue that we often use, so many brands of wipes sold as easily as we use and throw away when we don't know, how many trees are cut down to make tissues. In fact, according to Cheil, a community of Go Green in India mentions that out Of 15 reams of paper A4 size in get of about 1 tree felled. Every day there are how many million sheets of paper used by the inhabitants of the earth. And to meet the needs of the paper, there are millions of trees are cut down. Whereas about 70% of the raw material paper is to use wood from the forest. It's a waste isn't it ?

So we can meet this basic requirement and has not taken the responsibility to save the forest?. One answer is to perform the steps initiative is easy to save our forests. In other words, we save paper and wipes which might be mandatory for some people then it means we have to save the forest so as not to barer. As for the initiative easy and simple such as:

1.Change the font size of the letters become smaller before printing, we can reduce the consumption of paper almost up to 50%.2.Start print back and forth. This also can save the use of paper by up to 50 %.

3.If there are used paper, do not burned let alone discarded. Start used (dibendel) back on the part that is still empty, this can be a note/note unique. Similarly, the newspaper, start collected and sold to be recycled again.

4.On the use of wipes, begin to replace the wipes with a handkerchief. This is actually much more secure because it is in the tissue recycling many contain bleaching agents that can trigger cancer, sometimes also E. coli bacteria. If forced to, then do the saving.

5.Take advantage of the technology. When in college, we were given the material and we wish to share with other friends. Try we use delivery by email. In addition to saving paper, also save money .

We may be only little people who are not able to stop the perpetrators of the destruction of the forest or change the bad system that continues to destroy our forests. However, by trying to familiarize diriuntuk saving paper and wipes, then we have real action to save the forest as proof that we love this earth. Let's save our forests, before it's too late !

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