The movement of the Cleanliness and Greening of the Student Lodger

The movement of the Cleanliness and Greening of the Student Lodger

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In the morning it feels a little different. Has a lot of students who are the majority of children boarding with a variety of equipment assembled in one of the lodger students. There is carrying a hoe, a broom, a fork, a knife, trash and even sickle. In addition, it looks also hundreds of stems of seedlings of the variegated tree. Nevertheless, more students came empty-handed. According to schedule, that morning will be held the social action of cleaning the environment around the lodger students as well as tree planting. The selected location is some way that had a student lodger. In order to expedite such activities, has formed the committee long before such activities are implemented. The committee is responsible to motivate/engage the students lodger as much as possible as well as raise the participation of the community, given the scope of activities of the suffice area plus the limitations of the equipment a student lodger.


Movement hygiene and greening this is the program from a student activity unit of a university that believes that the student lodger also need a row cleaning or greening the environment. This view is very understandable by the students of the lodger and no one thinks that such activities are not good. Even many students who lodger do social action and the greening of organizations to the area-the suburban area. However, I don't know why the green movement around the lodger students are very rare.

The rigors of the behavior of the student apathy lodger very look of not pernahnya the student doing the actions that show that he loves his neighborhood, though only while he was living in that place. Often times we are witnessing is a lodger who is very clean and neat, not more of the rooms he rented. In general, the student lodger has been the perception that the messy room is not a characteristic of the room of a student. Very shy if the room indekosnya very dirty and messy. Likewise with the home environment is the place tinggalnyasebatas yard rumahkebersihannya was only noticed by the mother of his boarding house, if not the mother kos who told the student to clean it then grounds these would not be clean. Job-the job as it seems to be a compulsion for a student lodger, only because it has to pay the rent kos then it has become the right not to be responsible for the cleanliness of the environment outside the room that he rents. Not to mention, even the students who damage the environment.

This be a symptom of a very risky, corrupted the mentality of the young generation to do more for the environment, the people. How might a student who has his life such as it is able to think and even act to sacrifice for the nation building? Their idealism was discouraged because of apathy.

Therefore, consciousness is the basis for a student lodger perform the action of the cleanliness and greening of the environment lodger students, although only a small portion of student lodger who embody such awareness. Give an example to the community around that there is still a student lodger who cares about the environment at least a fresh breeze to tear down the keapatisan students indekosnya with the environment.


Support were many, came when the activities of environmental cleanliness and tree planting carried out by the student lodger. Forms of such support are very diverse, head of the environment provides cleaning equipment like a hoe and a fork so also by some other communities. The provision of equipment such as this is very helpful because in general the students that the lodger does not have equipment like that. In addition, there are also some people who voluntarily provide assistance in the form of foods and beverages perfunctory. The department of Forestry also provide the help of trees in large quantities without having to buy it.

The integration of support from all circles as a symbol that such activities are not in conflict with the state of society. Initially, students are a little hesitant to stick a tree in front of the house of the people residing around the side of the road, but the enthusiasm of the community to support these activities make the planting of trees is not terkendalamalah there are people who spontaneously ask for tree seedlings to be planted dilahannya the other. Indeed it is unfortunate that such activities do not terkerjakan by a student lodger. In fact, the Movement of cleanliness and greening is also a momentum for a student lodger to show their existence in the surrounding environment. Moreover, during this time, the public perception that the student lodger very facile with the surrounding environment. Busy studying in her college has become a rallying point for his indifference.

For the community surrounding lodger students, this activity is recommended to be continued on a regular basis. Not mean, with any activity like this then erodes the community's responsibility to maintain the beauty of the environment. The community was aware because of his work making him forget to keep the hygiene and the green of the surrounding environment. However, the movement of which is led by the student lodger that can spur and encourage the people directly involved. This is because often times that becomes an obstacle in cleanliness and greening the environment in the community is no drive to perform these activities.

The head of the motor for the people instead of the trouble to invite the community to do actions like that. However, with the student activities lodger like that then spontaneously the public row menyinsingkan his sleeves and directly helping these activities. Maybe an example like this is also very needed by the community and a student lodger. We will not see the movement of the cleaning and greening of the environment as if there are one or two students indekosmemberangus gengsimelakukan the environmental movement as it is.***

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