The Movement To Go Green, What Just Plant A Tree

The Movement To Go Green, What Just Plant A Tree

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Move the go green long dikowar-kowar to preserve the earth may be losing his time. Because the move to go green is focused only possible on the greening of the city and the place of others. And all people who will berpartisspasi. From parents to children of ELEMENTARY school or KINDERGARTEN will be involved in it.

Then what is the movement to go green, only focused on planting trees. If instead the factor most neglected. Sometimes in vain we plant a thousand trees if a smoking vehicle is still left to waft. Because the number of trees planted is still less with the number of smoking vehicles mengebul. Because, it is a lack of attention to the system of government in this case.

Then, it is difficult to apply the word eco-friendly on earth. Because awareness of belim can be formed from within each individual community. Many examples can be presented here. Like many signpost-signpost lined in jalanaan that reminded us to maintain the cleanliness of the river. But when we menegok down under the bridge on which there is a signpost is so full of garbage and more mirisnya far from healthy.

Here should be concluded, not only is there the slogan of the movement go green if it does not move. From source activists go green one of the students of SMP N 14 Yogyakarta named Dika says you should move to go green, do not only focused on the planting of a thousand trees and reforestation. However, the realization of the importance of go green for the future also need to be considered, such as reducing the use of motor vehicles and using recycled paper is also very important to note.

Yes indeed, if the talking smoke in motor vehicles in Indonesia it is very difficult. This is because the Indonesian people are still reluctant to use public transport. They are more comfortable using a personal vehicle. Until almost all the streets of a big city full of vehicles. And from private vehicles this produce asapa vehicle that it is not very environmentally friendly. Certainly threatened the realization of the movement to go green.

Not to mention plus the use of excessive paper. This is very threatening terealisasikannya move to go green. Because we're planting a thousand trees, if a thousand trees also we tebangi to make paper. Tyak is undeniable, Indonesia became the country of the user of the paper most of it is true. Why? That's because Indonesia focus learning by using books. If dihirung there are 100 million Indonesian children attended school and at least they have to buy five books a lesson package for educational material. And each book we say there are 50 pages. And if we multiply this all how many trees are cut down to make paper in the form of textbooks?

Therefore, go green could be only a nonsense if the important things which strongly supports the realization of sustainability the earth is not noticed or considered in the slightest. Then, there should be discernment in realizing this. Let us start with the minimal use of private vehicles. let the school children like me use the bike or walk to school. Don't bother using the motor that could add to the existing pollution. Said Dika. As activists go green he is very concerned with the existing situation. Because it is a user personal motorcycle in the city of Yogya is a student looks like. Then, he was more appreciative using bike during school. In addition to reducing pollution can make our body healthy also, going to school with the exercise as well. And go green can be realized. He said.

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