The Mysterious Ring Berafafkan God Found in the Viking Nation’s Tomb

The Mysterious Ring

Image source: – A mysterious ring engraved with the name of God, found in the 9th century Viking cemetery in Sweden.

As quoted from, a ring of glass, previously thought to be an amethyst stone, contains an inscription in ancient Arabic that says 'for Allah' or 'Allah'.

The phrase 'Allah' on the ring, is an ancient Arabic script Kufi | photo: copyright

Based on these artifacts, found theoretical evidence that there has been a trading relationship or the influence of Islamic civilization on the Vikings.

Viking itself is a Scandinavian tribe who work as traders, cultivators, and most famous as pirates in the year 800 and 1050 M

Where to find a ring in Birka, not far from Ostersund | photo: copyright

They looted, occupied and traded along the coast, rivers and islands of Europe and the northeastern coast of North America, as well as the eastern part of Europe to Russia and Constantinople.

The mysterious ring, created over 1,000 years ago, confirms the contact between the Vikings and the Islamic world.

Viking trade from Mediterranean to West Asia | photo: copyright

The site of the discovery of the ring, is the grave of an unnamed Viking woman. The ring, discovered during the excavation of the Viking trade center in Birka, Sweden in 1800.

The researchers initially revealed if the ring was a violet amethyst stone, however, based on subsequent research, it was concluded if the ring was a glass of exotic material, at that time.Islamic coins, found in a leather bag where a shield belongs to Viking soldiers | photo: copyright

Researchers at the University of Stockholm use an electron microscope to determine the ring material. They also revealed that the writings imprinted on the ring are clearly legible for 'Allah' or 'Allah' with an ancient Arabic script called Kufi.

It was previously known that, the Scandinavians traded glass objects from Egypt and Mesopotamia in 3,400 years ago.

Ancient texts also mention that the trade that took place between the Vikings and the Islamic civilization, extends from the Mediterranean to Western Asia.

The ring is the only unique object with Arabic script found on Scandinavian archaeological sites.

Further analysis, the ring was rarely used by the owner. The inside of a ring made of high-quality silver, still intact. The possibility of this ring is still new, and a valuable item of a Viking woman.

Recently, also found the Viking soldier's shield, on the grave of 950 AD, which in his leather bag contained Islamic coins.

Viking coins, 6 pieces of which are Islamic coins | photo: copyright

Archaeologist Ingrid Ystgaard says if researchers have not found out who owns the shield. To be sure, the owner is a person who travels a lot and may have died in battle, if he sees any marks of a sword or an ax on a shield.

This evidence strengthens the theory of the existence of Islamic civilization contacts with Spanish culture.

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