The number of UMP 2017 Papua 2nd highest in Indonesia, this is the reason

The number, Jakarta – Papua is listed as the 2nd province with the highest provincial minimum wage (UMP) 2017 after DKI Jakarta. The amount of UMP 2017 in the province reached Rp 2,663,646, up 9.38 percent from UMP 2016 which amounted to Rp 2,435,000.

Labor observer Timboel Siregar said it is natural that the UMP 2017 Papua is higher than most provinces in Indonesia. One of the reasons is the difficult access of people's goods. This makes the price of goods more expensive than in western Indonesia.

"Because the goods are hard to get in. If you see the clothing, food items, it is relatively supplied from outside, for example want to build a house, cement here 1 sak Rp 50 thousand, there are hundreds of thousands, Rp 300 thousand-Rp 400 thousand in terms of heavy demography, "he said in Jakarta, as written Sunday (4/12/2016).

In addition, continued Timboel, the industry in the province of the majority of industries engaged in the mining sector, not the industry that produces staple goods. This makes the goods needs of the community must be supplied from other regions.

"Then the industry does not exist except the mining industry, for example the textile and food industries are not there, all must be supplied from outside, with transportation also difficult," he said.

Therefore, according to Timboel is very natural if Papua set UMP 2017 larger than 32 other provinces. Because the price of goods that are relatively expensive to make the cost of living in the province to be high.

"Therefore, the UMP must also be objective, because it's hard to do there, in the coastal areas, the fish are expensive, because the expensive ones are expensive, the boats, the expensive fishing gear, that's why the price of the fish is expensive," he said.

Although UMP 2017 in this province is high, but the industry is considered to have the ability to meet the standard salary. Because the industry in the province majority moves in the mining sector and forestry is relatively large capital.

"If in Papua it is the mining and forestry industry, it is relatively large capital, if it is to meet the minimum wage, it can be said that these companies are already above the UMP, which may be the business of shops, banks, it will be hard to meet this UMP, "he said.

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