The Origin of Global Warming Issues

The Origin of Global Warming IssuesGlobal warming, which I used to refer to as global warning because it does not understand its meaning let alone its meaning, but now it becomes an issue that must be known to every human being because concerning the future of all entity of life. Global warming, commonly referred to as global warming is now a hot issue – perhaps because of the higher temperatures, the media gets hotter and the news is booming. The question is who is the first human popularizing global warming this? Let's discuss it after my long time mentracking (red: kepo) people that I think are smart enough in playing environmental issues, global warming.

Introduce Bill Mckibben is an environmentalist, an economist and a journalist. The title enviromentalis and economist are given because Mckibben is actively becoming an environmental and economic observer even after the publication of various books discussing the economic turmoil and its perspective on environmental ecology.

Since lecturing at Harvard, Mckibben has been active in Harvard Crimson ink laboratory, a daily newspaper published by Harvard as well as journalist units on campus in general. A great interest in the world of journalism makes Mckibben continue his career at The New Yorker, a leading American magazine and until now Mckibben has been actively a contributor to The New York Times.

Get acquainted with the Environment

Mckibben is known as an active environmental critic after the publication of The End of Nature, published in 1989. The End of Nature is a collection of scientific essays published by The New Yorker in almost every edition and then recorded. In the book The End of Nature, Mckibben began to introduce the basic concept of Global Warming which is reviewed through natural phenomena, pro, contra, and the mechanism of the formation of global warming symptoms expressed through a journalist's blend.

There is no academic basis for Mckibben to get to know the world of the environment, Mckibben only learns it self-taught and active involvement because of his profession as a journalist. Mckibben often plunges into environmental research areas to study industrial, ecological, oceanographic, sanitation and watering issues directly.

The basic mechanism for establishing Global Warming begins with Bill's concept of environmental alienation. The first environmental alienation concept was proposed by Karl Marx in the theory of alienation. Then, environmental alienation is deeply pared by J.B. Foster, a Oregon University proffessor in his book Ecology Marx: Materialism and Nature (2000). The concept of environmental alienation is a state where nature / environment is separate from its ecosystem which then has antagonistic or opposite properties in the ecosystem. The nature / environment that should be the protector and beneficiary of the living entity in which animals, plants, and humans are now turning to attack – in other words humans who must be protective and beneficial to nature. In Marx's alienation theory the suspect is nothing but the investors / bourgeoisie who exploit nature greedily, but Bill provides another perspective that environmental alienation is formed from the phenomenon of nonhuman nature that eventually formed the concept of greenhouse gas (green house gas) which is associated with several publications scientific journals and further discussed them comprehensively in the book Fight Global Warming Now: The Handbook for Taking Action in Your Community (2007).

Validity of Global Warming Argument

Certainly the concept of global warming which is alleged on the green house gas effect is not necessarily accepted because of the current research that is still concentrated on the environment-healthy chemicals, but some controversy debate against paleo-climatological climate paleo still can not be addressed by various modern research-based chemical -environment. However, the fact is the media have fun to publish the concept of green house gas is considered to have been enough to answer the question if compared with no answer because until now there has been no scientific journal that discusses global warming holistically due to the scope of the study is too broad ranging from environmental chemistry, geophysics, oceanography, geography, etc. Global warming can indeed be categorized as an issue that is still warm because the publication of the last book by Mckibben which discussed global warming that is in 2007 has come to the concept of green house gas effect.

Based on discource analysis, it is necessary to criticize the background of Mckibben's argument, especially as the first writer to pioneer the issue of Global Warming. Mckibben is a journalist who is also actively writing the book, its consistency in environmental topics can be said to be bad. After the publication of The End of Nature's first book in 1989 Mckibben published a book of critiques on The Age of Missing Information media in 1992 -In line with book critics, the global warming argument was responded coldly by MIT's linguist pro- cessor Noam Chomsky. Chomsky stated that Global Warming is a cheap issue identical to terrorism used for the purpose of economic invasion. Global warming has become one of the global issues that can affect the socio-economic-political state, one of them through the Tokyo Protocol where the agreement between countries that have the commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the form of carbon dioxide, will be rewarded in the trade agreement carbon policy as well as enforcement of its commitment to carbon reduction.

In fact, developing countries are disadvantaged because they still have social weaknesses in handling carbon emissions such as waste, and the development of policies that impose it inhibits the growth of industries that have underdeveloped environmentally friendly technology.

Irfan Nasrullah

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