The Origin of Harlem Shake

The Origin of Harlem ShakeGangnam Style popularized by Psy has begun to fade. Lately, there is a new virus that is Harlem Shake.

This phenomenon began around late January 2013 ago. In a short period of time, many YouTube users uploaded their own version of Harlem Shake remake video, which, in total, totaled Harlem Shake view has reached 175 million and continues to grow.

Many people make their Harlem Shake versions in dorm rooms, offices, swimming pools, to schools and army headquarters.

History of Harlem ShakeMost of you would think Harlem Shake is something new. If you search "harlem shake" on YouTube, then you will find a lot of videos made by people who participated fever harlem shake.

The Harlem Shake joget style originated from Harlem, New York by Al B in 1981 and was originally named "albee". In an interview, Al B claimed this joget was created because he was known as a drunkard, and was often asked for strange jogets while being drunk. According to Al B, his idea originated from Ancient Egypt, with inspiration originating from mummies. Dressed in plaster, the mummy can not joget by loose and just move his body freely.

That's why the Harlem Shake joget is usually done by simply moving the body, shoulders, to the head, with the feet in a static position. Harlem Shake was popular again in 2001 when used in G. Dep's "Let's Get It" video clip. Here's the video:

More original, this joget style comes from Ethiopian dance, Eskista. Here's the video:

Want to learn joget Harlem Shake? Please see tutorial video:

Harlem Shake Song The R & B singer Baauer accidentally opened the gates of Harlem Shake fever when he released his single Harlem Shake in May 2012. The single became a hit and hit the charts in several countries.

When the sensation of Harlem Shake song hit the internet, Baauer appeared in various interviews, most of whom wanted to find out the origin of the song. The mixing synth and R & B recipes from Baauer produce music that people love so much.

The title of the song itself comes from a sample used by Baauer from a Plastic Little rap group.Well, that's the origin of the Harlem Shake song, a song with a bleak bass plot, minimal lyrics plus the roar of a lion. Now all it takes is someone to make a video clip of it. Filthy Frank appeared.

Internet Meme Harlem Shake by Filthy FrankOn January 30, 2013, a YouTube channel called DizastaMusic published Filthy Compilation # 6. This channel provides a variety of low-budget comedy videos, which is a combination of Jackass, Robot Chicken and The Kids in The Hall. Compilation # 6 starts with the video below:

3 days after the video was released on YouTube, a channel called TheSunnyCoastSkate uploaded a remake video with little change, where the video started with 1 person wearing a helmet and starting "joget" while others ignored it. Well, when a typical Harlem Shake bass clip appeared, the whole room started to dance in a strange way. Soon, this video becomes viral and is remake by many people. Here's the video:

Harlem Shake phenomenon also ultimately boost the popularity of Original Harlem Shake, especially information about the origin of Harlem Shake.

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