The Origin of Nasution

The Origin of Nasution [/ caption] As a person who bears the clan of" Nasution ", I am curious about the origin of the clan. What of someone named Nasution or an abbreviation of a person's name in his day, or from the name of a village inhabited by my ancestors first. These are questions that always haunt my mind. To answer my questions, I diligently questioned the Nasution's origin to my father, my opung, to my mother who surnamed Lubis it. The answers I receive from the people I respect and care for are almost the same. They say, Nasution clan comes from a magic who came to the village of my ancestors first. By the villagers, the magician was later nicknamed "Nasaktion" meaning a powerful person. Over time, the name "Nasaktion" was changed to "Nasution" (perhaps it will be simplified in the mention of it). Hearing answers from my mother, father, and opung, while laughing I immediately said, "Wow, great, it turns out we are descendants of a powerful person". However, this answer does not satisfy my curiosity, because it can not be proven scientifically. Finally, when googling on the internet, I found in a book, the title "SI BAROAR – ORIGIN OF MARGA NASUTION", published by the Ministry of Education and Culture, Directorate General of Culture. This book was published in 1976, the number of pages is only 33, compiled by Mohd. Saleh Nasution. In the book mentioned that the clan "Nasution" is derived from the descendant of Si Baroar known as a powerful king in the area of ??Mandailing, South Tapanuli. "The magic" in the Mandailing term is called Nasaktion. Another source mentions that Si Baroar is the son of King Iskandar Muda of Pagar Ruyong (the center of the ancient Minangkabau kingdom), who in turn is the grandson of Sultan Iskandar. The birth of Si Baroar was quite unique. On the way to explore the island of Sumatra, Iskandar Muda meets and gets in touch with a bunian girl. From that relationship was born a boy. The boy was later discovered by Sutan Pulungan, the king of Huta Bargot in Mandailing Godang, in the middle of the forest while hunting. Then the boy was picked up by Sutan Pulungan and named Baroar. The story of Si Baroar is a folk tale that still lives up to now, especially in the midst of society in Mandailing land, and the story is quite interesting. The widely circulated and often told version of the elderly, especially Nasution's descendants, is that Baroar is said to be the son of the "Yang Sakti". That's why the Baroar was nicknamed "Nasaktion". So, no wonder why my father, mother, and opung answers have something in common, because the source of the story is the same, from the folklore they get from father, opung, and their mother from generation to generation to my ears. And undoubtedly, I will also tell the story to my children and grandchildren later, and so on.

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