The Ozone Layer Full Abandon, Our Concern Is Questionable

The Ozone Layer Full Abandon, Our Concern Is Questionable

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September 16 is annually celebrated as International Ozone Day. Of the millions of Indonesians residing on this earth only a few are aware of the existence of ozone. World Ozone Day, now only rhetoric is not to do.

Ozone is a poisonous gas so that when near the surface of the ground will be dangerous if inhaled and can damage the lungs. In contrast, the ozone layer in the atmosphere protects life on Earth because it protects it from ultraviolet radiation that can cause cancer.

Why it is necessary to commemorate the day of ozone, dated September 16, 1987 as a signatory to the Montreal Protocol. Is not the intention of the warning to always remind the international community about the protective layer of the earth. But as the caliph of the earth's inhabitants, it is obligatory to take action to save the ozone from leaks.

Electronic appliances such as air-conditioning, refrigerators, transportation, hair spray are only a handful of ozone-friendly ones, whereas the intention of the warning is to keep people's awareness of environmental change so extreme that climate change is known.

Unconsciously, most of us are ignorant people who disobey the rules and slogans that adorn our daily lives. The threat of destruction of ozone becomes ruthless as the industry and technology are not environmentally friendly profit-oriented mere.

Presumably, the awareness of abandoning bad things and smelling of offenses is easier to do. Instead, doing certain values ??can actually have a positive impact on the crowd. Abai against the integrity of ozone without regard to environmental health. Smoking not only causes cancer and bronchitis alone, but slowly but surely will perforate the ozone layer. Yes this September we feel the weather brsama so different. Another area of ??drought, the area is raining here, the city is hit by a cyclone disaster, the city is flooded. Another message says that the ozone condition has been very disturbing, still the old man burning garbage and even burning the forest.

This worrying situation is still a lot of homework including myself is how to change the mindset of caliphs on earth to start obedient and sensitive to ozone safety, because the earth without ozone coated for the eggs.

If we are serious about saving the earth then thought and energy should be prioritized to prevention rather than pretense. Surely keeping the environment from harm is a part of religion, like the word of Allah SWT Q.S. Al-Araf: 56.

Indonesia itself is currently experiencing a water crisis, one in ten of the world's population does not have access to clean water. Ethnic Rohingya feel how difficult to feel the joy of clean water, even their health, especially children began to worry, because of the human rights of Myanmar Government.

The world is also experiencing an energy crisis due to the ozone that started leaking. And now that we know the impact of ozone-depleting substances we are re-starting from a wise family buying ozone-friendly products.

Reduce the ozone layer, it's time mendambalnya back to our lives more healthy. Do not forget that children around the world can make a difference, because whatever we do to protect the environment is beneficial, start from family or family-based. The point is not only the date that is noticed, and even then many are indifferent.Makassar, September 16, 2017

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