The Phenomenon of Dehydration and Water in Two Seasons

The Phenomenon of Dehydration and Water in Two Seasons

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Physically humans can live without water or hold thirst for up to 3-5 days. Meanwhile, to hold the hungry man can survive not eat up to 8 weeks with a record still consume water. Water metabolism is instrumental in the overhaul of important minerals in the body. Humans can live without water for 3-5 days, Needs water consumption in humans as much as eight glasses of water per day. Unfortunately, the consciousness of water consumption, is still lacking. Many assumptions of consumption of beverages such as coffee, milk, juice, soda and others are enough to replace the water's crucial function in the physiological body. Many people are unaware if their physical performance is not maximal due to dehydration, or lack of body fluids. Daily tasks and routines are not the main physical drain, more precisely because of the overhaul of energy in the body that does not run optimally. Whereas the price of drinking water is still affordable in Indonesia, when compared with other countries.

Water, should not be a foreign resource in Indonesia. Some areas of Indonesia have a pristine springs as in the Pandaan area managed by AQUA in practical packaging containers. Will still the percentage of fresh water in this world no more than 2.5 percent only. The hydrologic cycle (or so-called rainwater cycle in laity) keeps the amount of water on Earth always fixed by its different forms. Of that little amount is everything worth drinking?

Of course not, the case of water contamination and drought cases are two problems with different viewpoints, as well as the extent of banjir disaster in some areas. The last availability of water is abundant but causing disasters.

Whatever water problems occur in nature, they are the reciprocal results of what humanity has given to the environment, and what nature returns to us.

As a country with two seasons, do not let this situation create a hyperbolic state, ie during the dry season there is a very severe shortage to the queue of people in getting clean water for daily needs. Sadly, in the rainy season, overflowing rivers or lack of water catchment areas, resulting in unstoppable water discharge to enter the house. Floods cause problems and health. Various diseases arise through the spread of dirty water floods such as diarrhea to deadly diseases such as leptosprirosis, which is transmitted primarily by rat urine.

We need to be aware of the availability of clean water for us, the use of water in everyday need to be saved. With a small sample, do not forget to close the water tap when not needed. Besides being aware of the flood by disposing and managing the waste properly. And the addition of expanded water catchment area and awareness of the importance of planting care for trees around us.

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