The Photographer is Shy, But See the Results of his Work

The Photographer is Shy, But See the Results of his Work

Image source: – Until now, sometimes I still regret why I should be embarrassed to do something. Because in the end it closes the possibility that I will get something out of the ordinary out there. Maybe some of you are experiencing the same thing with me?

This man is also shy, but he has his way to perform in front of the crowd. That is with his work. There is a talent buried in Kyle Thompson who had been depressed by the feelings of anxiety and embarrassment that he had. He is afraid to meet and talk to people.

All this is done alone. (c) Kyle Thompson

Even though. Kyle has a great passion and interest in photography. He can get busy on his own and spend hours making interesting photos. Kyle Thompson can choose extreme locations such as forests, cliffs, waters and so on.

Maybe he can not appear in front of the crowd, but he wants his work to gain appreciation. He also posted a photo of him in Reddit, and since then, his life has changed.

For the sake of this photo, Kyle climbs Bolivia (c) Kyle Thompson

Oh yes, the photo that he produced is self portrait which means he is not assisted by people or even have a special team to create a photo with the amazing concept. There are many ideas on his head, but he is always inferior, embarrassed and afraid to express it.

As a model for his own photograph, he is willing to wrestle with flour, climb Bolivia, use color bombs and take pictures on broken planes. All that he did alone.

Grapple with this impressive flour by photo (c) Kyle Thompson

Thanks to his highly creative ideas, Kyle is now known to many people. Previously he worked as a pizza delivery man. But the appreciation of the person towards his picture makes him more confident and daring to perform along with his works.

Kyle's current professional photos (c) Kyle ThompsonKyle Thompson is now a highly dependable photographer to create many amazing photos in various magazines. If you want to see another collection of photos, you can visit his Facebook page.

The last thing I learned from Kyle Thompson's experience is, do not let the embarrassment and fear of becoming a barrier to your success. Simple, but a problem that many people experience to compete healthy in life.

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