The Presidential Doctor allow JK to come home from RSCM today

The Presidential Doctor

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Spokesperson for Vice President JK, Husain Abdullah said this morning JK was able to return to the residence of his official residence on Jalan Diponegoro, Central Jakarta.

"Today at 07.30 WIB has gone home, you have been good, you can laugh," said Husain at RSCM, Central Jakarta, Thursday (10/9)

Husain added that guests who want to visit can come to JK's residence.

"Later guests who want to visit in his official home," he explained.

Husain added, according to doctors who handle JK condition is now good. "So your condition according to Dr. Yamin's report since last night is good, after the general check-up had a chat to Jokowi," said Husain.

"This morning according to the doctor's information will be sent home, Insyaalah at 8 am to go home can already be back activity, and receive guests at home," he continued.

Meanwhile, Husain continued, for the event, Vice President JK just adjust the agenda in Jakarta and ask the community to pray JK recover quickly and normal activity again.

"Agenda after going home to adjust the agenda in Jakarta, so ask all hopefully hope you recover," he pleaded.

Regarding the installation of the ring, Husain did not know it. "I do not know," he said.

Previously, Husain explained after attending an event in Salemba area, Central Jakarta, JK 'kidnapped' by doctors RSCM. "Morning the book's surgery, continue to the side of the road, cross (from UI to RSCM) father (JK) said doctors mending general chek up aja pack because it is not there is no time, finally cut many events," said Husain.

"So I think the doctor also this opportunity in quotes capture JK pack while I let it rest first," said Husain.Husain also confirmed if previously JK no complaints about the pain he experienced. However, he also can not be sure if JK performed ring operation on his heart as rumored.

"There is a (complaint), special disease is also not there, everyday we go together, if it (ring ring operation) I is not clear, if good action asked the doctor inside," he explained. [rhm]

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