The right of the House of Representatives to KPK is Suspicious

The right of the House of Representatives to KPK is Suspicious

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JAKARTA, – Professor of Law Sciences Parahyangan Catholic University, Asep Warlan Yusuf said, the right of inquiry that the House of Representatives (DPR) against the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) to make public more suspicious of solidarity to protect members of the House of alleged cases corruption of electronic ID card or e-ID card.

During the trial at the Jakarta Corruption Court, a number of members of the House of Representatives were called to threaten members of the House of Representatives Miryam S Haryani not to mention the distribution of money resulting from e-ID card corruption.

"Our suspicions as a public, there is a House of Representatives who is called by his name, well maybe protecting his friends by using the instrument of state administration is not proportional," said Asep, when contacted on Saturday (29/4/2017).

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According to Asep, the KPK has the right not to open any evidence to anyone, including to the DPR, for the sake of smooth investigation.

Asep suggested the House of Representatives better follow the alleged trial of e-KTP corruption than using the right of inquiry.

"It is much more elegant and in accordance with the legal instruments, not with the right of inquiry." KPK reserves the right not to open the evidence, "said Asep.

If the right of inquiry continues, Asep is worried that the House will also ask to open the examination result.

"In the future, if the rights of anggket also ask for the examination, it is true that the investigator to reveal the case can not be opened to the House of Representatives," Asep said.

The questionnaire rights stem from protests sent by members of Commission III to the KPK regarding the alleged corruption case of the e-ID card project in the Jakarta Corruption Court.

The reason, in the trial mentioned that Hanura Party politician Miryam S Haryani under pressure from a number of members of Commission III.Commission III urged the KPK to open a recording of the examination of Miryam, who is now a suspect of giving false information in cases of alleged corruption procurement e-ID card.

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