The smoke disaster makes Indonesia the third worst pollution in the world

The smoke disaster makes Indonesia the third worst pollution in the worldIndonesia is predicted to be the third world pollution contributor, through India. This status is threatened because of the disaster of smoke from the forests of Borneo and Sumatra that have not been extinguished in the last three months.

The Strait Times newspaper reported Sunday that smoke pollution studies were made by the World Resources Institute (WRI). The recurrent smoke of smoke annually ensured the government's target of cutting national carbon emissions to 29 percent by 2030.

"Since September 2015 daily carbon emissions resulting from forest fires in Indonesia have exceeded daily emissions from the entire US economy in 26 days," as quoted from WRI's written statement.

WRI recorded emerging more than 90 thousand 100 thousand point of forest fires during 2015 in the country, equivalent to 2 billion tons of CO2 wasted into the air. India has been the third largest producer of carbon emissions after the United States and China.

In the WRI report, 75 percent of Indonesia's carbon emissions come from burning land in industrial forests that spread to other regions. Indonesia for a decade is consistent in the top 10 countries in the world that contribute the highest carbon emissions. Especially from the burning of peatlands.

Environmental expert University of Amsterdam, Guido van der Werf, said Indonesia will contribute more air pollution because El Nino inhibits rainfall this year. "The amount of Indonesia's carbon emission will be determined by El Nino, I think forest fires so far have only been halfway," he explained.

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