The taste of milkfish of Primadona Typical Sidoarjo

The taste of milkfish of Primadona Typical Sidoarjo

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Sidoarjo is part of the city from the East Java region, the city is border with the city of Surabaya which is the capital of East Java. Sidoarjo is a city that mostly coastal areas surrounded by ponds was formerly Sidoarjo City is a water city that is currently called the DELTA. Livelihood of Sidoarjo society is as Fisherman. The symbol of the city of Sidoarjo is a symbol of two fish that is milkfish and shrimp.

Sidoarjo City Sidoarjo Center is the most widely sought after is the milkfish, but this milkfish has been in if a smoked fish. Sidoarjo city already has its own charm for the people of Sidoarjo Own Town and outside the city of Sidoarjo who want to find a smoke bandeng.

The right By-Ward Center can be found in Sidoarjo Town precisely in Lebo Village RT 10 RW 03. Lebo Village is landed from GOR Sidoarjo direction. Smoke Bandeng can be found here with the price that pamper the lover of milkfish, 1 milkfish ranged from 15,000-25.000.

Almost every day is open from 13:00 to 20:00 pm. Every day the buyer arrives because the price is cheap and the fish is more fresh because milkfish in the smoke at that moment. The delicacy and the distinctive aroma make buyers want to try and try again. This was conveyed by Ibu Sumaika, one of Bandeng Smoke entrepreneurs, that the point of fragility in Bandeng Asap is to burn using coconut shell instead of wood charcoal and burn it from smoke and not to remove Fire. That is what makes this milkfish evenly both inside and outside.

Already have many customers from Sidoarjo City even from outside the city of Sidoarjo. Buyers also often buy to be taken out of town until the big cities like Bandung, Jakarta, Medan, Bali etc.

Milkfish Mother sumaika survive for 3 days and has been proven without any preservatives from the fish. Indeed it is delivered by Mrs. Sumaika that does not want to change the taste image of his cuisine let alone add preservatives in the fish.

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