The way American soldiers run fasts

The way American soldiers run fasts

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For some people, especially those born and raised in a predominantly Muslim country, such as in Indonesia, observing fasting in Ramadan may be commonplace. But what if we imagine fasting in a Muslim country that is a minority, as in the United States.

A number of questions must come from the head, such as how Muslim Americans run fasts in Uncle Sam's country, from how they make sure the food they eat is kosher, whether it is easy to find a mosque, how fast it is in America. To that end, the US Embassy through Sergeant Abdelhadi, an American citizen of Middle Eastern descent answered our curiosity.

Through Twitter account @usembassyjkt, Sergeant Abdelhadi answered 25 questions. Some of the most asked questions to the man living in California, is how to undergo fasting among non-Muslim majority Americans.

Fitri Annisa, owner of Twitter account @fitigy asked, "How do you live fasting in America and do it in summer? Because what I hear when your fasting is longer than Indonesia?"

"I started 14 hours of fasting with a lot of drinking water during the meal and not too much activity during the day. # Scripture #Ramadan" Abdelhadi replied, Monday (14/7).

Meanwhile, Jasmine Hilman asked, how the attitude of the United States military against his soldiers who run the fast.

"How is the military activity during fasting in the US? Is it normal or there is a dispensation?" write @JasmineHilman account.

"Sure, because I fasted, I got different waivers according to the activities of each."

Furthermore, Abdelhadi explains, every American he meets has a high sense of tolerance. Including the Muslims in the country of President Obama.

Himself also admitted happy to run fasting Ramadan in Indonesia. Himself admitted eager to be celebrating Eid in Indonesia.

"I am excited to celebrate Idul Fitri in #Indonesia." Assalamu'alaikum. " [war]

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