The way the government develops electric cars

The way the government develops electric cars

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After SOE Minister Dahlan Iskan proves that electric cars can be made in the country, the government began to open his eyes to develop this energy-efficient car.

The government in the success of the national electric car program is forming a review team namely the Center for Technology and Industrial Development of Automotive (PPTI-O). This team will be composed of the Ministry of Industry, BUMN, Transportation, Research and Finance.

Minister of Education and Culture, M Nuh, asserted the institute will hold several universities such as UI, ITB, Polman, UGM, UNS and ITS. It has prepared a budget of Rp 1 trillion for research needs taken from the budget allocation of several universities.

"(Cost) of this research for a while from the Ministry of Education first, because if asked to the Ministry of Industry who who fee, not from Dikbud it clearly there is a cost for research," he said when met in Jakarta, Monday (23/7).

In addition to several universities, the team will also be assisted by a number of SOEs and also from BPPT and LIPI.

The basis of this electric car initiative, he continued, is to see the estimated growth of vehicles so high every year that it adds fuel consumption (BBM). Based on data from Gaikindo, vehicle growth of 980,000 units in 2013 and 2015 is estimated at around 1.5 million units.

The PPTI-O team, he added, began to be formed in August to immediately focus, synergize and comprehensively plan the development of electric cars. The government feels that national SOEs such as PT DI, PT INKA, PT PINDAD and PT LEN have the ability and readiness to realize the national automotive industry.

"The private sector is not yet, the government is now, we will renew it," he said.

Data BPPT 2012 noted from the automotive industry of Indonesia, automotive companies reap significant revenue royalties. Notes mention in 2011, the demand for the 4 wheeled vehicle market reached 850,000 units then the royalties earned by USD 170 million with a large royalty is about USD 200 per unit.

While the wheels of 2 market demand of 7.5 million units then the royalties earned amounted to USD 75 million with the amount of royalties USD 10 per unit. This number is growing every year.

This indicates the large potential benefits gained from the domestic automotive market. Therefore, the government in this program succeeded in implementing several programs: education and promotion, creating a good sales and ordering system, strengthening product quality, giving subsidy or incentive.In addition, the government plans to protect the domestic market, require domestic vehicles in government service cars, develop supporting infrastructure. [rin]

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