The World is Not as Slightly the Leaves of Moringa

The World is Not as Slightly the Leaves of Moringa

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Everyone has their own world. The world here in question is his life, some have a world so vast and also narrow. A vast world means a world that has so many choices, while a narrow world has little choice.

At a glance think why people have a different world? Someone I mean to have a different world means that they create their own world. People who have a great world mean they can make their world wide. As for those who think the world is narrow, do they fail to make a world wide as those who have it? Does everyone want to create an equally broad world?

Yes, I once thought when I was experiencing a failure in something or an unattainable desire. The idea that the world is so narrow, but I am also confused as to why I can think so. With that in mind I came to the conclusion that everybody wants to have the same world. As it is said in the familiar proverb that the world is not as wide as the Moringa leaves it is shown to those who feel hopeless, which means that do not despair first because there are many other choices.

If we analogy the leaves like the maxim, the vast world is a larger leaf than the leaves of Moringa. Thus, the more the leaf width then the choice will be more too. Large leaves are generally single leaves, while the leaves of Moringa are compound leaves which, according to the theory, evolved from a single leaf. Thus, the Moringa leaf was originally a large leaf but divided into small leaflets.

Simply put, the kelor leaf is a leaf consisting of children of leaves or compound leaves derived from a single leaf or leaf. We just make the leaves kelor into a single leaf by bringing the children of the leaves into one. So it can be interpreted that the children of the leaves are the options that are fragmented or have not been found. So if it still feels the world is narrow, then it has not been able to find a choice that is obviously there and make it a single unity that will become more widespread.

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