There are changes to the rules, the fate of forest workers remains threatened

There are changes

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The new regulation of environment and forestry ministers is not considered to remove the threat of layoffs against forest industry workers. The Government has issued the Minister of Environment and Forestry (Permen LHK) P.40 / 2017 on government facilitation of industrial timber plantations in the framework of protecting and managing the peat ecosystem otherwise known as land swap candy.

Chairman of SPSI Riau Nursal Tanjung said the land swap candy did not solve the problems posed in Candy P.17 / 2017. According to him, land swap may be able to slightly reduce the loss of entrepreneurs, but not for workers.

"Land swap, where the land if in Riau which is 60% peat.If the company gets land swap to other areas, moving the workers is not an easy matter, the fate of workers will still be threatened," said Nursal quoted Antara, Wednesday (19/7 ).

Meanwhile, Secretary of Forum for Peat Economic and Social Struggle of Riau (FPESGR) Elwan Jumandri said LHK P.40 / 2017 Ministerial Regulation in Article 7 paragraph 1 said land swap area is proposed by IUPHHK-HTI holders no later than six months since the revision RKUPHHK-HTI is legalized. According to Elwan, such a regulation does not facilitate the holder of a business license because the holder of a business license must seek and propose for himself which areas will be replaced.

The government only provides an indicative map of the direction of utilization of production forests and lands deemed unproductive. Land swap allocation is directed to HTI areas that have poor performance, so that their license is revoked or returned. Whereas such lands are mostly conflicts of land.

Kan just adds a problem to the company. Proposed land conflicts later after a new conflict of mediation. The KLHK should give the land cleared of the conflict, "Elwan said.

Candidate of LHK P.40 / 2017, signed July 4, 2017 and started on July 13 socialization, is a follow-up rule of a series of rules issued by the Minister of LHK on peatland management.

In the Permen LHK P.40 / 2017 there are three facilities provided by the government to the business world of industrial timber plantations. First, support facilities for handling and resolving conflicts. Second, Facility in the framework of Social Forestry. Third, the facility of providing land swap (land swap).

P.40 / 2017 also regulates the procedure for land swap submission, for IUPHHK-HTI holder affected by PP.57 of 2016 on the protection and management of peat ecosystem and LHK Regulation P.17 / 2017 on Industrial Plantation Development.


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