There are Crab Savings at the Brebes Mangrove School of Nature

There are Crab

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Hundreds of elementary school children in Brebes, Central Java, enthusiastically saving crabs at the Martani Hadi Research Center (MHRC) natural school. Students of grade 3-6 can collect 2.5 kg or equivalent value of Rp50 thousand in a day.

Manager and founder of MHRC, Mashadi said, the tradition of looking for crabs by Pandansari hamlet children, Kaliwlingi Village has existed since the first. Especially since mangrove plants in the coast grow a lot, the number of crab seekers more and more.

"Since many children have been looking for crabs, the catch is sold to middlemen at a low price of between Rp5 thousand to Rp10 thousand per kilogram," said Mashadi, Thursday, December 28, 2017 at Dukuh Pandansari, Kaliwlingi Village, Brebes.

Mashadi explained, currently he accommodates the catch of crabs of children. It is as one of the MHRC programs, namely Economic sharing and Social Entrepreneurship.

The average grade 3-6 SD children are looking for crabs by placing a fishing pole before leaving for school. They kemudain take back after school.

The catch of the crab is then sold to Mashadi. But they do not immediately get the money, but the sales receipt. The money from the sale is directly deposited by Mashadi to the Bank.

"We have been working with BRI so that the children can pick it up at the nearest BRI unit anytime," he said.

The price of their catch Crab, said Hadi, is priced higher than the market. Even from middlemen, where they usually sell.

For kroyo type crabs containing 10-15 per kg valued Rp25 thousand, from market prices ranging from Rp15-20 thousand. If up to 21 days, when the crab has changed the skin will be priced at Rp75 thousand per kg. In fact they will be taught the processing hinga skin change process is complete.

"The average one child can reach 2.5 kg per day, so a day can save about Rp50 thousand.We also accommodate all types of catches of their crab," said the recipient of the Kalpataru award in 2015.

MHRC has worked with BRI to open savings accounts for SimPel (Saved Students) for children who will sell their crabs. To avoid fraud, they will get two receipts, namely from BRI as proof of savings and MHRC which contains the amount of sales and the price.Meanwhile, according to Accounting Officer (AO) Mikro BRI Unit Sawojajar, Khaerul Umam said Student Savings program is intended for students and without administrative costs per month. The amount of savings deposited at least Rp1000 with the opening of initial savings of at least Rp5000.

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