There is a New Solution to Overcome Plastic Waste. Used Plastic Will Be Changed So Highway, Cool!

There is a New Solution to Overcome Plastic Waste. Used Plastic Will Be Changed So Highway, Cool!

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It's been a long time since people around the world have been troubled by the growing amount of plastic waste every year. At least cities in different parts of the world, donate about 1.3 billion tons of plastic waste every day. According to the World Bank, the number will continue to increase and reach 2.2 billion tons in 2025.

In Indonesia alone the amount is also not less fantastic. Reported by the Solid Waste Association (InSWA), Indonesia also contributes 5.4 million tons of plastic waste each year. If not handled seriously, plastic waste will cause severe environmental pollution because the plastic will take 50 to 100 years to break down.

In response to this problem, various countries in the world have made innovations to manage plastic waste. So far, Indonesia has made various efforts such as recycling, to establish a policy of paying plastic bags. But the result is still less than optimal. Most recently there are plans to utilize plastic waste as a raw material for road construction. If it works, it can be really cool. Curious how to do? Let's see reviews of Hipwee News & Feature!

The government through the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) is conducting a pilot phase of this project

A new breakthrough has been planned by the Indonesian government to address the increasing amount of plastic waste. The government through the PUPR Ministry will start pilot projects mixing plastic with asphalt for road construction. This development will be submitted to BUMD and private parties. The duty of Provincial Government only provides land. The Jakarta government itself will build the ITF (Intermediate Treatment Facility) or inner-city waste treatment facility in Sunter, Cilincing and Duri Kosambi.

Indonesia is inspired from the Indian state that has made a road along the 120 km using waste plastic scrap

This inspiration comes from India. The country known for its film industry in 2002, built a road called Jambulingam Street in Chennai, using plastic polymer raw materials. Until now the road proved to be more durable than the road with ordinary asphalt materials. Jambulingan Street also has not shown any signs of rift, when it was hit by floods, storms, heat waves, up to thousands of cars that had passed. The process of incorporating plastics and tar into these roadmakers has been patented since 2006.

Not only does it reduce the waste of plastics, the project will also cut the cost of infrastructure development

This solution is of course deemed to be reducing the amount of waste plastic that is increasing every year because every one kilometer road will be equivalent to one meter of plastic. But besides that there are also financial impacts that will be felt, because it will save a ton of asphalt and cut 8% the cost of regular road development. As for the toll road costs can be reduced by 50%. Because of its durability, of course the use of plastic can also reduce the cost of maintenance or maintenance of highways.

As is known, plastic waste will be harmful not only to humans but also other living things

Due to its difficult nature, the existence of plastics is considered to harm many living things in the world, not just humans. Just imagine if plastic waste contaminates the sea and ingested fish or other marine biota. In addition to disturbing the balance of the ecosystem, polluted marine animals are also potentially consumed by humans. Do not be surprised if more and more babies are born with DNA disorders or other health problems. Human dewasapun also potentially poisoned. Therefore, the need for a solute to solve the problem of plastic waste in the world.Indeed, Indonesia has several times to follow up this issue, as recently the government implemented a plastic bag paid. But the solution is in fact not cause a significant impact due to the price of plastic that is very cheap. Yes, hopefully with this new breakthrough plastic waste slowly can be overcome ..

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