There is a Toxic Plant Reduce Fuel Consumption, This Pertamina Comments

There is a Toxic Plant Reduce Fuel Consumption, This Pertamina Comments

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PT Pertamina (Persero) as a business entity assigned to distribute Fuel Oil (BBM) claimed not yet able to absorb biofuels (BBN) derived from jatropha curcas as a mixture of diesel fuel.

Secretary of Pertamina Geothermal Board of Commissioners Andianto Hidayat said Pertamina can only absorb BBN for fuel mix whose company is registered at Directorate General of Renewable Energy Conservation Energy (EBTKE) of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM).

"We can only buy from entrants that have been registered in the Directorate General of EBTKE, I do not know whether or not the registered jatropha curcas producers," said Andianto, in a discussion on the absorption of biofuel, in Sarinah, Jakarta, Monday (6/2/2017) .

Andianto said, although the plant has many advantages, but there are regulations that require Pertamina to buy BBN that will be mixed into BBM to companies that have been registered.

"Despite the fact that the plant is fast, bioplasm, Pertamina is not possible to buy directly to the community or to the small producers, finally there is a gap between producers," he said.

Previously Rice Fuel Experts (BBN) Rudi Wahyono said, jatropha oil that has been processed can be mixed with diesel, can reduce the use of diesel fuel. It is like palm oil converted into biodiesel.

Rudi revealed, the use of Jatropha for diesel mixture is better than biodiesel. He mentioned the cetane number of jatropha curcas is less than 48 and the sulfur content is 0.24 percent, while the biodiesel 52 is the number and the sulfur content is 0.1 percent. Cetane number or called this cetane number is a measure that shows the quality of the fuel for diesel.

"One image of jatropha oil compared to biodiesel, which is used now," said Rudi.

Rudi said, the plant contains toxins, so the farmers need special skills to cultivate it, but to plant it is not difficult. If patented into a diesel mixture, it could create new jobs. However, the current use of such plants has not been ogled as a strategy to reduce fuel consumption.

"If so many things resulted in a labor-intensive field, such as tea, if left alone, he could potentially be a weeder, he could grow anywhere," Rudi said.

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