There is a warning to throw garbage in the sea, this is Anies reaction

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Candidate of Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan said there is one island in Indonesia that read 'please throw garbage in the sea'. Seeing that, Anies said there should be a change about waste disposal in Indonesian society.

"So the impression is that the sea is a garbage dump, it has to be changed, but this is a matter of habit that should be started counseling, education and then there is a place for the management of garbage bank," said Anies on Tidung Island, Thousand Islands, Monday (21/11).

Former Minister of Education and Culture assesses that as long as there is no processing or garbage collection then residents will still throw garbage into the sea. Another solution offered cagub sequence number 3 is by growing entrepreneurs waste.

"So that way, these garbage will be seen as a commodity that gives business or business advantage, we should do it in Kepulauan Seribu," said Anies.

Anies further said he wants the Thousand Islands to pilot the development of the Islands. For the Thousand Islands are also part of the capital city of Jakarta.

"If the capital of the archipelago can not be built properly, how can we build an archipelago far from the capital, therefore we commit to make the Thousand Islands as a pilot in development, including in its garbage," explained Anies.

"Trees, for example, are simpler using only natural models to regulate the temperature, set the waves.Many places in Jakarta are hot, barren because there are no trees at all Dust is so much because today's the day we want to have a tree massive greening especially in areas and on dry and arid roads, "Anies continued. [tyo]

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