There Is Only Me, Forest and God

There Is Only Me, Forest and God

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That morning, the clock shows the number 4 in the morning. The sun was still covered in the cold sea breeze and the roar of the sea waves that seemed to chase to the fastest to the beach. Ships must depart at this time, this is a transition season where nature does not want to be friendly with the seekers of life at sea.

Usually the waves and waves in the armpits of Sulawesi Island will stop when the Imlek in the experience of the general public. Imlek and waves thought my philosophy is a celebration commemorated by our brothers from China this to my legend is when a giant rampage and they give him food so that the giant is not angry and furious again. Looks like nature, the beginning of the year as this time may be interpreted as a day of rest nature to re-fit again for human exploitation.

Soon the common passenger ship that I was riding was moving towards an island with the aim of collecting data on damage to the national park area. A self enter the area that in fact must be equipped with supporting facilities such as safety equipment and tetekbengeknya for this time the activity went well.

Arriving in the area, down a narrow forest corridor due to the density of the lianas and the rattan spikes creeping on the right-hand side seemed to commemorate my arrival. If if in the official or famous people will visit a region, boisterous rumbling welcome and flag flutter and disontaki hysterical screaming support I do not want to lose with them. The rumble of screams in the wind as the wind blows and the thorns and lianas of the forest as a flag flutter for my arrival this time.

Not because there are no teams, but we have to be scattered so that the desired targets and data can be achieved. We have to split up. Instructions head SPTN Territory firmly.

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