There’s a Homeless Men Without Shoes, ABG It’s Doing The Unexpected

There's a Homeless Men Without Shoes, ABG It's Doing The Unexpected

Image source: – Doing good can be done anywhere and anytime. No need to wait for the rich to be able to help others. With the things we have, we can already do something meaningful.

LaRon Tunstill, this one teenager does something that invites a lot of praise. As reported by, this high school student lives in western Lousville. And he is well aware of the dangers that occur outside his home. "There were a lot of shootings going on," LaRon said. Living in a less secure environment certainly raises her own anxiety and concerns.

LaRon then joined a nonprofit organization, Purpose Inc. As quoted by, Purpose Inc. established to help teenagers find their purpose in life. Purpose Inc. this is also called PURP, according to its founder, Jason Reynolds, PURP is an extension of People Uplifting Real People. In other words, PURP was established to encourage everyone to help others.

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In a video uploaded on Facebook, LaRon did a favor by giving his shoe to a homeless person. When he meets the homeless man, LaRon realizes he has no shoes. "So I saw what he was wearing and I was instantly stunned, 'You have no shoes'," LaRon said.

After seeing the homeless man with no shoes, LaRon immediately took off his shoes and gave it to him. What this LaRon does inspires a lot of people. Amid the many cases of juvenile delinquency that occurred, there are still teenagers who care and do good for others.

The PURP organization is now being developed again throughout western Louisville. Only now they need a van to be used by teenagers who volunteered around doing good. And they are trying to raise funds at this time.

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