These 3 Future Technologies Can Save the World of Bill Gates Version

These 3 Future Technologies Can Save the World of Bill Gates Version

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Bill Gates as we already know is a figure who has popularity, wealth and generous. Bill Gates is the founder of Microsoft has been providing many ideas and innovations in many areas related to technology of course. Quoted from TechInsider, at an event attended by 28 investors including Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates mentions three innovation technologies for future energy. What are they?

3 Technology Innovations That Can Save The World Bill Gates Version

1. Solar Chemical

What is meant by Solar Chemical is the ability of energy to convert sunlight into a fuel. Apply photosynthesis system where solar light is converted into an energy. Solar Chemical is mentioned to improve energy in the electricity sector as well as transportation.

2. Flow Battery

Flow Battery in question is a place to collect and store energy obtained from other forms of energy. This energy is like energy that will never run out because it can last longer. According to Bill Gates, we can never be forever to collect energy because a time when the energy can be exhausted while we need something that keeps the energy there.

3. Solar Paint

Still in touch with the sun but this time based on a thought to change all kinds of surfaces into solar panels. It is applied through a paint. Like paint in general, simply applied to the wall or wood, and the paint can absorb the received sunlight into an energy that will be streamed in the form of electrical energy. If this works of course it can be used in any place like hp, tablet, microwave, and other technological equipment.

So there are many people out there who are critical and pay attention to the continuity of energy on earth for mankind. So if from you, what kind of energy will save our Earth?

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