These Korean Actors Are Already Rich Since Born, Even More Rich than the Role of Conglomerates in Drama

These Korean Actors

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You must often see chaebol characters aka conglomerate in Korean drama. They wore bourgeois-style suits and sat crossed legs, typical of Korean upper-class men. While traveling, they will board the luxury cars parked in the courtyard of the palace. The interior inside their house was so incredible, really luxurious.

And it turns out, there are many lho actors are indeed rich in the real world. Not because of their profession as actors that make them rich, but indeed from birth has become a conglomerate. They are the heirs of his parents' treasures that are both honorable and conglomerate.

1. The star of the screen, Lee Seo Jin, apparently also the heir to the assets of the former CEO of Seoul Bank, the number is fantastic!

The Grandpa Over Flowers star is the grandson of the former CEO of Seoul Bank and he is entitled to a legacy worth US $ 50 million or approximately Rp667.7 billion. Judging from the lineage, Lee Seo Jin's family is a businessman, no wonder if his father was angry and forbade him plunge into the world of entertainment. Since the beginning he has been directed to the business world, as evidenced by the majors he took at New York University, which is majoring in economics.

2. Heir IT company in America, Lee Philip cast Secret Garden still work hard despite already rich

Lee's father is an IT company owner in Washington D.C. His company contracts with the United States government. You can imagine how much the father's treasure, Lee does not seem to need to work if you just want to have enough possessions. But he is not typical spoiled and keep working hard by relying on his passion in the acting world.

3. Are you using a Samsung phone? The handsome Yoon Yae Young, the son of the former vice president of the company you know!

Samsung is one of the most prominent electronic brands, including in Indonesia. Perhaps many of you are also using branded phones from this company. Tae Young's father is former vice president of Samsung Electronics you know! Well, despite being rich anyway Tae Young still chose to be an actor and married his co-worker, Im Yoo Jin.

4. Ganteng and success, Kang Dong Won also comes from a wealthy family. His father is vice president of renowned company ~

Lately the name of Kang Dong Won is being widely discussed because his ancestors used to be considered in favor of the invaders. But apart from that, his family is quite rich. His father is vice president of SPP, the world's largest shipbuilding company. The amount of his wealth should not be asked, maybe not out for seven derivatives times yes!

5. Again there are handsome, successful, who are also rich. He is Siwon, son of CEO of Boryung MedicineNo one says that Siwon is not handsome. An actor similar to Indonesian artist Boy William, it is not just handsome but also rich, just like the characters he once played in his drama. He is the son of CEO of Boryung Medicine, a well-known pharmaceutical company in Korea.

6. Hyungsik's father is the highest ranks in BMW Korea, his salary is about 1.6 billion rupiah. Hmm .. about what money Hyungsik pocket first how ya?

Hyungsik's father is the highest ranks in BMW Korea, his salary is approximately equivalent to Rp1, 6 billion. No wonder if money Hyungsik enough snack. Kwanghee, his colleague, had accidentally saw the money in Hyungsik bank account worth hundreds of millions of dollars, when at that time he was still a trainee and has not debuted.

Tuh, who already rich are still willing to work hard, you are still nothing not shy ya still lazy continue?

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