These Unique Buildings Only in Yogyakarta and Surroundings! There is a building from Trash Lho.

These Unique BuildingsMany special things become distinctive from a city. One of them is in terms of architecture. The city of Yogyakarta also save the privilege of architecture is already a public secret. The iconic buildings like Kraton Yogyakarta, Taman Sari Baths and Monjali Park are famous and become the bustling tourist attractions. Well, apart from Yogyakarta, other nearby cities such as Klaten, Solo and Magelang also have unique buildings. What is the uniqueness of the buildings? Let's see in the following discussion.

1. Rumah Dome, Yogyakarta

Know Teletubies figure with his unique house in the hills? House of the type is usually called Rumah Dome. Semi-shaped circle and similar to Iglo house in the north pole. Well, the unique shaped house is now in Yogyakarta. Even a house equipped with 2 doors, 4 windows with room as much as 2 pieces this became the first in Indonesia, you know!

2. Lost World Castle, Yogyakarta

Lord World Castle is reminiscent of the castle that existed in ancient kingdoms yes. This building is like a replica of a castle made of natural stone there are several levels so it looks very handsome. Its location on the north side of Yogyakarta City, precisely in Petung Hamlet, Village Kepoharjo, Cangkringan, Sleman. Around the castle area there is a lawn garden that fits for chatting.

3. Gothic Church, Yogyakarta

Perhaps not many people know that this building is in Prawirodirjan, Gondomanan Yogyakarta. This is because the location of this building is not easy to reach, ie inside a small alley. Seen at a glance from this building, it is only natural that you conclude that this building is a church. But in fact this building is not a church, but it is just a residence.

The shape of a church-like building makes it dubbed the Gothic Church. The architecture of the building is a thick-walled European style, the balcony is large enough, there are towers, bells, and also the symbol of the cross at the end of the tower and the most striking is the statue of Jesus with a pointed hand. Well, one more fact that you need to know is this building has long been unoccupied. Wow, what a shame huh?

4. House Camera, Magelang

Who likes photography? Well, there is a unique house in Magelang shaped DSLR camera. This camera-shaped unique house is located approximately 1 km not far from the Borobudur Temple Complex. The owner of the idea as well as the house is called Tanggol Angien Jatikusumo who is an artist. Unique building with 4 floors consists of several forms of flash lamps on DSLR cameras as a home entrance and fashion section and LCD serve as a window, while the camera lens is a cylinder-shaped building to see the village views from above. Unique yes? This house has entered the record MURI as the largest camera house in Indonesia at once in the world you know!

5. The Church of Chicken, MagelangThe building that stands on 3000 square meters of land was built in 1990 by a man named Daniel Alamsjah. Although named Merpati Church, but this building was not a church. This building he created for the use of places of worship by anyone and any religion. Besides being used as a place of worship, this building has also used the place of rehabilitation for children with disabilities, drug addicts, and crazy people. This building consists of six-story room in the head of pigeons, underground rooms and some rooms. Well if you intend to visit this building, you can all travel to the famous Punthuk Setumbu and located not far from the location of this Merpati Church, guys!

6. An Nurumi Mosque, Klaten

If you are aware, there is a unique building that unfortunately to be missed when you pass on the highway Yogya Solo, precisely in Klaten area. The building in question is a mosque with a style of Kremlin-style city buildings in Russia. Inspired by this, Hj. Umi Nur Salim built the mosque.

Uniquely, he built this mosque is similar to the existing architecture of buildings in Russia, namely with high dome and colorful striking. Built in 2005, the mosque was finally completed in 2007 and inaugurated by Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X on August 9, 2007 and named the Masjid An Nurumi. An Nurumi Mosque itself has 9 colorful dome. a dome as high as 26 meters and 8 dome as high as 20 meters.

7. Rumah Rempah Karya, Solo

This building-forming material is completely different from the usual buildings, guys. Believe it or not, this building is made of garbage. waste is meant is scrap wood pieces are taped as-is to form an artistic wall. Not only that, the architect of Paul Mintarga designed this building with spatial and very tropical air and lighting using energy-efficient LED lights. Well, building that serves as this office you can visit in the city of Solo, precisely in the area Tegalmulyo, Colomadu.


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