Things That SBY Can Do After No More So President

Things That SBY Can Do After No More So President

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On October 20, 2014, the people of Indonesia will inaugurate the new president: Joko Widodo. This means that our current president Petraana Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono will step down from his post. Not feel lho, it was already 10 years SBY lead us. In order to remember his services during his presidency, Hipwee this time will write a special article for him.

After analyzing various sources, Hipwee will describe here things that can be done SBY after he no longer has office at the Merdeka Palace. From planting chili to be a futurolog, what if we just check it?

1. So Head of International Organization

Since 2012 there has been frequent rumors in social media that SBY will replace Ban Ki-Moon as UN Secretary-General. Starting from contributing to the negotiations between Indonesia and GAM, the World Statesman Award from Appeal of Conscience Foundation of New York, maintaining security and economic stability in Indonesia and ASEAN: the reputation of SBY in the international world is okay.

Unfortunately, Ladies and Gentlemen: The rumors are WRONG! SBY is unlikely to be the Secretary-General of the United Nations because the election of the head of the international organization is determined continental rotation system. After Ban Ki-Moon who is an Asian descendant, who replaces him can not be Asian anymore. The next term of office is the European quota.

But considering the achievement of a qualified SBY, naturally if he can bid a lot to head other international organizations. At least that's according to the former Indonesian Ambassador to the United States, Dino Patti Djalal. Maybe he could be the chairman of an organization like The Climate Group or the agencies under the UN? We wait aja terjangnya football.

2. He can also be the father of fried rice stalls

Alright. If not so Chairman of World Economic Forum or President of Human Rights Council, maybe SBY can open fried rice stall. Whether joking or not, SBY never expressed that intention in front of journalists you know. Do not take this for granted. You may also make delicious fried rice. But never did your fried rice be eaten with the important guests of the country?

3. Perhaps, he is also gifted to be a gardener

Gardening and farming emang activities suitable for pensioners. No exception if his retirement from ngantor at Istana Merdeka. SBY wishes to garden when it is not so president, even he had thought for chilli gardening. Maybe later he wants to make a very wide chili field, continue to hire many people to pick and process it.

One message still, sir: his men will be watched, yes! Wrong, they are corrupt. Hihi.4. Become the future expert

Future experts here means not a kind of Ki Joko Bodo yes. Future experts here have a cool term futurolog, whose work predicts socio-political, economic, and technological trends with scientific data and analysis.

SBY once said that after he stepped down, he had the intention to be a futurolog and make a futurolog club. With his experience as a high-ranking officer of the TNI, ministers, until the president, he can indeed be a futurolog who tokcer!

5. Musician

In the midst of his busy running the country, SBY had issued several music albums: Rinduku Pada-Mu, Revolusi, and Ku Yakin Get There. If you already do not manage the country anymore, dong kebayang can be how productive he is? It is not possible in the future SBY will spawn a new album every year.

(Btw, did you ever know the person who bought the album he did not? HEHE)

6. Author

In addition to good at making songs, SBY has also spawned a variety of books. His books are not mocking: there are discussing the Reformation in Indonesia until his experience while serving as president. Maybe aja kan, after the deposition SBY will fill his days by writing?

Hipwee also opened the door as much as possible for SBY to contribute writing. If you read this article and emang intend to donate 1-2 articles, you can send writing to

7. Poets

To conquer Mrs. Ani who is a girl next door in his day, kegantengan and intelligence doang is not enough. It took a great romance talent for ngedapetin beautiful girl who is also the son of General TNI Sarwo Edhi it.Hipwee does not have any source on how originally Mrs. Ani wants to be asked by SBY. But maybe the luluhnya of his heart is also influenced by the greatness of SBY to make poetry. Who does not melt romantic poems created?

Do not believe that SBY is good at poetry? Here, the poem made by SBY for the 61st anniversary of Ibu Ani

The lotus blooms in the pond
reflected light almost full moon
falling one on one in the pink petals
that is floating.
not drifting by the waves of love
on the night of love

In the silence of a long night
and silent,
the sweet virgins sing the heart song
wistful, longing
the loyal red lotus waiting

The beautiful lotus is not always in my heart
also that curly-haired girl
but still I wait
the beauty of love in the night of syahdu

Goodnight, terataiku
and lover mooring my soul

How? Touching my heart, right? It is not possible if SBY spent his old age later by making a book of poetry.

8. So the teacher

SBY once threw his desire to become a teacher while attending PGRI's birthday event. SBY tells how when in Pacitan, he grew up in the teacher environment. Even one-fifth of his life was spent by becoming a teacher.

Although not explained whether SBY want to be an elementary school teacher, junior high school, or lecturer, who does not want to have a multi-presidential teacher who is multitalented? You wait at our school, yes, sir!

9. So brand ambassadorYou've often seen SBY appear using a product from California, USA in public? Well, with its charismatic, multitalented, and multi-tasking, this SBY actually has the potential to make a brand ambassador brand of Apple products. Who knows when next year you stop by the Apple Store, you will be greeted the same cardboard SBY holding the iPad.

10. Buzzer sosmed.

Since its launch on 13 April 2013, SBY's official Twitter account now has 5.4 million followers! Many, too. Who likes Facebook fanpage does not lose much: 3.5 million people.

With the number of followers that much, SBY could consider a new career as a buzzer sosmed. In addition to not too much drain of mind, this profession can also make a lot of young people inspired to jump into the creative industry!

Hmmm Last to Setarbaks same granddaughter Aira and Airlangga. Cafe latte is steady !!! * SBY *

That's about the alternative activities that can be done after SBY got out of power. Let us thank for his various services in leading this country. Hopefully your gait will never be forgotten, Dad!

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