Things to Avoid by Pregnant Mom, to Maintain Maternal and Fetal Health

Things to Avoid by Pregnant Mom, to Maintain Maternal and Fetal Health

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There are some things that pregnant women should avoid during pregnancy so that the health of the baby and the health of pregnant women are well preserved.
Pregnancy is a very valuable experience for a woman, let alone it is the first child's pregnancy. For it is highly recommended for pregnant women to keep healthy to stay healthy during pregnancy and also the fetus is also healthy pregnant. As I said at the beginning that there are some things to avoid during pregnancy, including;

Do not Stand Too Old

The first thing to avoid by pregnant women is not to stand too long, it will increase the burden on the bottom of the body, especially the legs that can cause legs become swollen, and can cause varicose veins. Therefore do not stand too long for the womb to stay awake well.

Mangrove Item

Pregnant body will become heavy as the growth of the fetus it contains. So if lifting a heavy load then the body will easily tired and will experience changes in the spine, can also result in back pain. And not infrequently the fetus will experience a premature birth if pregnant women too often lift heavy loads.

Avoid High Heels

Things that should not be done for the mother hami next is do not wear high heels shoes. This can cause the balance of the body to be reduced so it can make pregnant women slip and fall. Well it can pose a dangerous risk, just open it for pregnant women themselves but also can be at risk for the fetus.

Heavy Family

During pregnancy pregnant women are advised to maintain health and fitness by way of exercise, but just a mild exercise alone. Avoid strenuous exercise to avoid something that is not in want, because pregnant women not only bring themselves but also carry the fetus or candidate of his baby.

Using Cosmetic Based Chemical

The last thing to avoid by pregnant women is not to use chemical-based cosmetics. Today many outstanding cosmetic products are chemically based, such as heavy metals. Well for pregnant women do not use cosmetics because chemicals can enter the skin that can be absorbed by the fetus through the blood.Those are the few things women should avoid during pregnancy. hopefully the article is useful for you all.

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