This Anti-Straight Clothes Material Is Suitable for Indonesian People

This Anti-Straight Clothes Material Is Suitable for Indonesian – When choosing clothes or clothes, do not just concerned about the model and the design only. It is also important to make sure the materials used are the best materials. And one of the best materials that can give comfort, is nothing but cotton.

Cotton, the material of cotton fiber is most widely produced by a number of countries, such as China, Australia, and the United States. Meanwhile, in Indonesia, cotton became a favorite material used to make clothes and clothes everyday. Because of the tropical climate of Indonesia, we will certainly choose clothes with materials that are not easy to make sultry like cotton. Another case if we use a polyester material that is so hot, would make our activity uncomfortable.

Cotton USA has become one of the materials that have been used by world-renowned brands such as GAP, Zara, H & M and much more. Cotton is also very suitable for making clothes everyday.

"Excess cotton USA that has existed since 30 years ago this is so comfortable and most importantly not easy to smell when we use," said Dr. Andy Do, as a consultant / representative from Cotton Council International (CCI) when met in the show "Daily Me With Cotton USA School "in Jakarta.

Not only that, this cotton was made with the best quality which is 100% cotton picked by the machine and certainly free from contamination. Then this United States cotton offers consistent value and consistency of fibers, so it can provide support to your business with maximum productivity.

"Cotton America also has the most comprehensive system such as the strict system of their government," he added.

To introduce more about this cotton to the people of Indonesia, Cotton USA held a competition for fashion design students, followed by three fashion schools in Indonesia, themed "Daily Me With Cotton USA School".

"Through this competition we hope to inspire the students of fashion design in Indonesia about the importance of knowledge about materials so that the public will understand the cotton of USA become the main material of various fashion and clothing brand in cabinets using cotton USA," he concluded.

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