This Brick is Made of Air Pollution Dust

This Brick is Made of Air Pollution, Jakarta Air pollution in China is so worrisome. However, a male artist tries to make the dirty air become a solid brick. Way by sucking dirty air using a vacuum cleaner.

The artist did so as an effort to raise awareness about environmental protection. He used an outdoor industry vacuum cleaner in hazy days in Beijing and finally made bricks from all the dust collected.

The man, known as 'Brother Nut' is said to have the idea after he was surprised to read news reports about air quality in the Chinese capital. Then he started a dust-proofing plan for 100 days.

He used a 1,000-watt vacuum cleaner that can absorb 100 grams of "dust and smoke" mixture from the air inhaled by about 62 people in four days.

Brother Nut then mixed it at a factory in Tangshan city in Hebei Province. The result of the dust straw was mixed with clay and converted into a brick weighing "a few pounds".

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Now he plans to put bricks on building construction sites in Beijing. He hopes that he can inspire people to think about how they use natural resources.

"Our city has become a dense city and chemical besieged," he wrote. "The more we pursue and explore the resources, the more dust we will produce.When all the world's resources are exhausted, one day we will end up dusting ourselves (powerless and living in nothing)," Brother Nut said. OddityCentral, Saturday (5/12/2015).

Brother Nut's efforts to get mixed reactions in social media there is an appreciation but there is also a doubt. However, Brother Nut responded that the resulting brick was no different from the usual brick. Moreover, he did not do scientific research.

"I would like to invite to pay attention to the problem of air pollution so people do not ignore it, and then take action to change it," he said. (Melly F)

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