This Caucasian bicycle ride from the Pole to Paris campaigns on climate change

This Caucasian bicycle ride from the Pole to Paris campaigns on climate changeClimate change is realized or has not happened. The impact is not felt one or two countries, but the entire human race left on earth. Unfortunately the issue is still not getting public attention.

That's what keeps Daniel Price (27) a doctor in the field of Oceanology nationality of England to ride around the world to campaign for the issue.

Daniel started his journey from Antarctic Pole (South Pole) by bicycle on 21 April 2015 then headed to Paris, France. On the way he made a documentary video related to climate change in various countries he passed and uploaded to social media. First time to Indonesia he was in Bali, then continue the journey to Yogyakarta.

"I came to Yogya five days ago to promote climate change, to awaken the world's people about climate change and its impact on the earth," he said in Yogyakarta, Monday (25/5).

He explained that his journey will end in France before December 21, 2015, because at that time will be held conference of United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Conference of Parties-21 (COP-21) in Paris.

"Why from the pole, because there we can see clearly how climate change occurs and in Paris there will be a meeting on international climate change, therefore the campaign is called Pole to Paris," he explained.

During the trip he made a video documentation to be spread to social media. In Yogyakarta he made a short video that tells the story of the fisherman at Pandansimo who made the windmill to meet the electricity needs and run his business. He said the story could inspire many people to take advantage of wind energy as a friendly source of energy because it does not produce emissions gas.

"From that energy the fishermen can produce ice to keep the fish fresh, besides they also use as illumination.This is a step that keeps in line with Indonesia government emission reduction program.we know this gas emission which makes the earth getting hotter and the impact is polar ice melting, "he added.

Daniel's video and travel stories can be accessed through Facebook and Twitter Pole To Paris. He hopes that with the stories and videos people become aware of how to do to save the planet from climate change.

"It's kind of a mission to save the earth, but it's not easy to convince people, because the issue of climate change tends to be boring for people generally," he said. [hhw]

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