This Child Initially Make Pity, Then Just Make Gregetan

This Child Initially Make Pity, Then Just Make – Do not judge a person just from the cover only. It is this proverb that might be appropriate to describe this one child. Basically, every child has their own personalities and behaviors that are certainly not the same as each other. The behavior of each child is basically good, but the good can change over time, because of the influence of interaction and the environment.

A story told by a social user named Arham on Friday (19/05) has become a viral story. Not only viral, this story can also be a valuable lesson for all of us to be more concerned with the children around us. This story can also be a lesson so that we do not judge a person only from the outward appearance and the looks alone.

Quoted from the page, Arham told that a year ago that in 2016, he took a picture of a child who was lying in the middle of the road near the mosque. Initially, Arham thought that the boy was a hit-and-run victim but after being helped, the boy was intoxicated glue.

One year later that is 2017, Arham again meet with the same child. Now he is no longer lying on the side of the road but he is tidying up sandals and shoes on the porch of the mosque. Arham is very proud and pityed with the boy because he thinks the child has changed and is not intoxicated anymore. But, the next story just make gregetan and growled.

I almost ran out of the motorcycle and pulled it to the edge of the sidewalk, the traffic got stuck.Another rider stopped automatically, this kid was mobbed, so spectacle.I thought maybe he was a hit-and-run victim, but then, said it, just pack it out there and awake to get yourself.It's so common.Good drunk, "Arham's story on his personal social account accompanies a photo post of the child.

A child who was helped by Arham Photo: Copyright

"Well, the photo next to it I took a snap yesterday (Thursday, 18/05) I did not accidentally see this boy again, I still know his heart This time I am torn He is arranging sandals pilgrims in the mosque yard MasyaAllah, I'm sorry that I've ever wanted to get her in. A year turned out to be enough time to change someone, whether it be the guidance or social environment that changed it, I also do not understand.

I was made not khusyu prayer for thinking about it. After exiting the mosque, I went straight to him and sat down beside him and put his arms around his shoulders. I reached into my wallet, plan for alms. He indeed raised his hands to every pilgrim, asking for his alakadarnya wages. But before giving money, I wondered first. Your money is later for what? He just silent not answer. Want to buy food huh? He is still silent. I then asked for a question, or want to buy glue? Unexpectedly, he nodded. Oh, not so much money. It's called twist ending. Failed to be writing motivation deh, "continued Arham.

The story of this Arham became a viral story among netizens. Despite failing to write motivation, Arham wanted to convey a moral message from his writings. He hopes that all of us should not be too quick to take a conclusion from the circumstances or situations that occur. There are some things that we consider good not as good as we think. Conversely, there are some things that we consider bad but it is based on a very good reason and make happy.

This story is also a lesson for all of us to be more concerned with the children around us even though they are not biological, relatives or siblings. It is important for every parent to guide and direct each child to a better future.

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