This Girl Speaks Hundreds Of Soldiers To Help Them Win The War

This Girl Speaks Hundreds Of Soldiers To Help Them Win The War

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If you're an army, you know that steel mentality is crucial. The girl from New York named Marilyn Hare knows exactly what can make mental soldiers resilient: a cheerful mood. He also had a brilliant idea to keep the soldiers happy: he would kiss them one by one! In February 1942, the 18-year-old girl started her mission to kiss at least 10,000 American troops who were about to set out on a World War II mission.

Marilyn's mission was covered by the March 1942 LIFE photography magazine. The morning of 5 February in California, in front of the well-lined soldiers, Marilyn took the podium, and began her mission by singing the Kiss the Boys Goodbye ballad. After singing, he stepped off the podium and started acting.

PHOTO: A soldier, from being too nervous, fainted after being given a kiss. Marilyn Hare laughed, then quoted a sentence from Shakespeare's Troilus and Cressida drama: The kiss you received is much sweeter than the kiss you give!

PHOTO: Marilyn Hare in action kissing American soldiers who will take off to the battlefield. Reaction of soldiers? We will not wash face until a month ahead!

LIFE reports that on that day, Marilyn successfully kissed more than 700 soldiers. There is no further report on whether he managed to kiss up to 10,000, but hey, 700 alone is including an astonishing number.

Marilyn is an ambitious actress who is then recorded in several TV series as extras, including The Dick Van Dyke Show, The Wild Wld West, and Family Affair. He died in 1981 in California, at the age of 57.

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