Throw away the Electric Drakula at Home, Yuk!

Throw away the Electric Drakula at Home, Yuk!Friends of the blog,

Without us aware we still can save a lot of our electricity bills. Not just to be more efficient, but electricity is mandatory, because electricity is taken from sources that can not be updated. Maybe we can pay, maybe this savings is nothing compared to our elimination, but remember, all the resources we use will be accounted for someday. All that is wasteful of course he dislikes. So let's start paying attention to these things yuk.

Drakula 1: electrical appliances that stand by or remain installed without use

Note the various rooms – including toilets – in various homes and buildings that are often brightly lit when unused. Turn it off. Help not to waste. Do not install any TV or electrical appliance in stand by position. Do not also let the hp charger fixed when not in use, because the electricity is still sucked. Use an on / off valve that can automatically turn off and turn on these various electrical appliances.

Who is afraid to sleep in the dark, wear a timer. Make sure after we sleep the lights will die. Sleep is mandatory dark, so melatonon works to repair cells. All electrical appliances near the body must be in a dead condition. Hp should be outside the room, at least far away from the body, at least 2m, and there in dead condition. If you need hp as an alarm, install "airplane mode" to avoid EMF pollution that can carry cancer. An alarm that is not hp is much better for health.

For the lazy off, use a sensor that will only turn on the light only when there are people in the room, and will automatically turn off the lights when empty. Put a dimmer. When we do not need to be too bright, we can make it not too bright.

When designing the room, make sure the room does not need lights during the day, and to a minimum need AC. The fan is more energy efficient than air conditioning.

Dracula 2: old electrical appliances and wasteful energy

The old equipment is very wasteful of energy. As much as possible replace with energy-saving lamps, energy-efficient laptops, energy-efficient ovens. Check the energy saving marker sticker as below:

Dracula 3: Not a careful refrigerator and air conditioner

The fridge and AC are very wasteful of electricity. Clean the coil twice a year, change the filter regularly.Make sure the refrigerator door is always tightly closed. Try to check, when closing the refrigerator insert the paper. If we can pull the paper easily, it means the refrigerator is not tightly closed. The fridge only works well when full. So fill the freezer with ice cubes, and a bottle of water at the bottom, to be full.

Put food in tupperware or bundle, do not insert the refrigerator without cover. And do not enter the heat. Wait until the new cold put in the refrigerator.

Do not lower the thermostat immediately upon turning on the air conditioner. A stable thermostat is more energy efficient. Plant trees and a variety of plants in places that can help the house more shady so as to reduce the need for air conditioning.

Drakula 4: washing machine not full, with hot water.

Do not use a washing machine if not much to wash. Collect and wash all at once without hot water. Limit the dryer, just dry in the sun. If forced, put a dry towel into a dryer, or dryer balls to make it more efficient.

Drakula 5: water heating machine

Put a timer in the water heater, because we only need when we will bathe. Do not turn on when we do not need. Except for a bath at night, a cold shower is healthier and activates the body's immune system. So the water heater is only installed at night.

Come on,

What else can we save from today better?

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