Together Save Energy from Destruction, If Not We Anyone Again

Together Save Energy from Destruction, If Not We Anyone Again"SAVE Energy Save Cost" a slogan of public service ads in order to live sparingly, especially energy efficient, is an invitation for the community, especially Indonesia to always always save energy, especially energy.

The ad, very familiar even very touch people to save energy. However, these ads are now extinct or even no longer heard as the energy crisis experienced by Indonesia.
Indonesia's energy crisis has been very chronic, not half-heartedly, the dependence of Indonesian society on fuel oil (BBM) has reached a climax.

Imagine fuel consumption reaching about 1.3 million barrels per day while production is less than 900 thousand barrels per day. This means that there are about 400 thousand barrels more that must be met by Indonesia, to meet the dependence of Indonesian consumers consumption of this fuel.

If these needs continue to be done, without seeking solutions to overcome the energy crisis then 10 to 20 years ahead, Indonesia is guaranteed to have no oil reserves anymore and Indonesia's energy will be destroyed.

Indonesia, has been trying to find a solution to overcome the energy crisis. Call it the conversion program from BBM to gas, currently only running conversion program in the household sector but for other sectors, it does not work.

The conversion program from BBM to gas is lost in the wind and the program is predicted to be one solution to overcome the energy crisis even stagnant in the middle of the road.

Indonesia in overcoming the energy crisis has also been trying hard, including reducing fuel subsidies, but the government policy is challenged. So the people of Indonesia have been lulled to get fuel subsidy, there is a big fuel demo rise everywhere. Though the biggest fuel subsidy enthusiasts are rich people who are not eligible for subsidies, so it is natural that the fate of Indonesia's energy on the verge of collapse.

Quoting one of the statements from economic observer Faisal Basri, where he said that the existing energy policy in Indonesia has been misguided since the beginning. The low price of fuel in Indonesia drives consumption steadily, even increasing. As a result, the community has no sensitivity to the continuity of the supply of non-renewable energy sources.

"The growth of motor vehicles is getting out of control, and traffic jams are occurring, hindering economic activity," Faisal said. "The pricing strategy should have been referring to world prices gradually and offset the massive supply of replacement fuels, especially in the transport sector, on the other hand, the government must provide adequate public transportation." advice Faisal Basri.

For writers, in overcoming energy in Indonesia for the future is no longer the role of government alone. But that role must grow from all of us, because if not us who will save the future of energy in Indonesia.

Concrete and tangible form that we must do in saving the energy crisis that threatens Indonesia such as saving electricity consumption, water use, participating in planting trees and reducing the use of private vehicles.From the smallest things like this, if together we do. So we are one of the survivors of Indonesia from the threat of energy crisis. If we were not with whom? Regards (***)

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