Top 10 Technology Companies in the Year 2016

Top 10 Technology Companies in the Year 2016

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It is undeniable that every day technology is undergoing rapid development and is accompanied by the emergence of new technology companies.

Not a few companies that ultimately fail and stop in the middle of the road. There are also some new companies that will take us to a new technological era let's call Oculus company with its product Oculus Rift VR (Virtual Reality). Here are 10 popular companies by 2016:

1. Aldebaran

Aldebaran is a technology company that produces advanced robots. Have you ever heard of the robot Pepper? Pepper is an advanced robot programmed to understand human emotions and feelings. Pepper can also interact directly with us, but now Pepper is newly sold in the United States and Japan, we can see this sophisticated robot greets customers stores in the United States and in Japan. Try coming to one of the big stores in the US maybe you'll meet this sophisticated robot.

2. IBM Quantum Cloud

You already know what a Quantum Computer is? is a computer with a calculating tool that uses quantum mechanics. On a regular computer system the amount of data is calculated by bit, but on a quantum computer it is called a qubit. With this technology the computer will become faster. One of the world's largest companies, IBM this year has built a Cloud-based quantum computer (Cloud). An excellent achievement because IBM has beaten its main competitor in Google Cloud Computing Cloud.

3. Parrot

Like playing Drone? Surely you know what Parrot is. Iya Parrot is a technology company that produces various types of Drones. In 2016 the emergence of drones quite a lot. Usually we use drones to create videos and photograph the place from a height or just used to play only.

4. Oculus VR

Oculus VR is a technology company founded by Palmer Luckey and Brendan Iribe in June 2012 and has been working with Facebook. The company is focusing on making VR (Virtual Reality) devices. The company that launched Oculus Rift VR device in March 2016 has successfully won everyone's heart. We all know that their VR device is now the number 1 VR device in the world with unquestionable quality.

5. DysonIt might sound like a cleaning company. Yapp Dyson is actually a technology company that produces cleaning tools. But do you know recently that Dyson company is developing a tool called Dyson 360 Eye? Dyson 360 Eye is a cleaning robot. As the name implies Dyson 360 Eye, this robot can see the room with 360 degree viewing angle and clean the whole room becomes faster and cleaner because this robot has a wider angle of view.

6. VIV

Not many know what it is VIV. VIV is AI Assistant software. Created by the creator of Siri announced on May 9, 2016. Although not yet officially launched but the VIV staying digadang as a better substitute of Siri. VIV plans to be launched at the end of 2016.

7. Slack

Slack is a chat software that already supports various platforms like Android, iOS, Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows. Most people use Slack to use as a substitute for email, because with Slack you can connect with colleagues, friends, and others. Slack is perfect for you who work in a team. Ease of access to information in one place makes Slack increasingly popular in the year 2016. You can talk about things, get people to work with, make projects and more. Curious what is Slack? Please visit and register directly at SLACK's official address.

8. Tesla Motors

Tesla Motors is an automotive technology company that specialized in producing electric-powered sports cars. Founded by Martin Eberhand and Marc Tarpenning in July 2003. This is a new breakthrough in the field of technology because there has been no previous company that focus on producing cars with electric power. Her newest 3 Model Cars are planned to be produced in 2017 and by 2016 Tesla Motors is already selling his car up to $ 14 billion.

9. Hyperloop

Hyperloop One is a high-speed transport tool that is one of the Hyperloop technology company concepts. Although not yet officially launched but the transportation is expected to go with an average speed of 970 km / h and at full speed up to 1200 km / hour. Wow very fantastic speed! Will the concept of this technology really be realized?

10. SolarCity

SolarCity is a technology company engaged in the field of solar panels. Recently SolarCity company has set up a solar panel factory. This is one of the technological developments that can save fuel and make environmentally friendly energy. When did Indonesia have this factory?Technological developments in 2016 brought new technology companies up, although most companies have stood for a long time. We all hope that the technology being developed at this time will facilitate the activity, not to harm and inconvenience us.

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